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Published on February 4th, 2019 | by Jason Bourne


Who is: Ymmi

An artist, producer, songwriter, and co-owner of Perfect Noize Entertainment, Ymmi hails from Minneapolis laying claim to over 1400 placements worldwide across various media platforms, streaming, TV, video games, movie scores, and soundtracks. Highlights of that list include production duties for corporate giants such as Budweiser and Activision.  In his early years, Ymmi shined as a performer in his school’s lunch room, as well as on the bus before stepping it up to hitting local talent shows.

Surrounded by music as a child, Ymmi used it as therapy through some of his darkest times, especially during the death of his older brother Chris.  Seeking to fight a battle with drug addiction,   Ymmi took to composing at a higher rate. With his roughest times seemingly behind him, Ymmi seeks to become another poster child for perseverance, and redemption has he continues to strive forward erasing stigmas and empowerment others who have been diagnosed with mental health issues.

Inspired by the likes of Timberland, Mike WiLL Made-It, Just Blaze, and Metro Boomin, Ymmi considers himself next in line to become a boundary breaker and industry shaker.  With their success being his blueprint and guide, Ymmi is steadfast in his focus on building a legacy. Currently partnered with Viacom to create musical content BET, MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, and so many more  Ymmi has anticipated considerable success with his forthcoming singles 3.5 and Gravity.  His work with artists, D’Meetri and Prince Williams, is another source for hope in 2019 being a big year in which Ymmi proves that he is a catalyst for young emerging talent.


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