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Published on April 29th, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


IMPRINT Review | Jake Miller Loves His Hattie B Sandwiches

Written By:  IMPRINT | Therese Enberg

It’s a younger crowd at The Cowan, everyone is chattering ecstatically amongst themselves.

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The triplet’s Poulous band Just Seconds Apart was first out of the night. Very poppy and all the girls were fawning when lead singer Ari makes eye contact with the crowd. His sister Sela was incredible on the drums. The three siblings are insanely talented.

Got the crowd going for being the opener, the show is not sold out but the crowd sounds like it. Their stage presence is really good, they are interacting with everyone in the crowd. I love how well dressed they are.

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Logan Henderson was up next, he definitely brought out the older parts of the crowd. The crowd that probably watched him on Nickelodeons Big Time Rush.

His smooth voice complimented the simple set up, having a guitarist and the mellow red, blues and the occasional white lights. His set was more mellow yet upbeat and does some great covers. For example the cover of Dua Lipas’ “One Kiss” made the crowd dance. In general he seems more grown up than the rest. Logan plays with his voice and it makes him sound really incredible.

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The sought out Jake Miller was up next and boy these girls sure know how to use their lungs. He raves on about how much he loves Nashville and how Hattie Bs chicken sandwich is better than Chick Fil A’s.

Everyone is dancing and having a great time, singing along. Even the parents to the kids are enjoying drinks and dancing along. Jake exactly knows how to hype up crowd properly. Comparing his performance from last year at Marathon Music Works, Jake has grown up a lot and has so much talent and potential.

In conclusion the show was great, the sound was good, the crowd was dancing and having a good time.

Photo Credit:  IMPRINT | Therese Enberg

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