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IMPRINT Review | The First Of Three Nights For 311 In Denver

When I heard that 311 was going to be in Denver, I knew this show was going to take me back to the late 90s and early 2000s. What I didn’t expect was to find out that they were playing three shows in Colorado during the 4/20 weekend. The first night started it off right at The Ogden Theater.  

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Jesse Royal was their opening act for the night. The venue started to fill with more people as he started his set. Royal and his band are from Kingston, Jamaica with sweet Reggae music. It was mellow and relaxing to listen to. His energy maintained the crowd and had them chanting along with him for some of his songs. His music was calming, and easy to listen to, and you can get yourself caught dancing along to the beat with him.  

After his set ended, everyone was anticipating 311 to come out. The venue was packed with people. You had to wiggle your way in and out through the swarms of people as more trickled in the front doors.  


The house lights went down. The crowd was chanting, “311!” The stage lights were a dim blue color and then went to black. 311 emerged from backstage and the crowd went insane. They played many songs throughout the night, and the one that I was most anticipated for was ‘Beautiful Disaster.’ The entire night people were excited.


There was so much energy that 311 was putting off into the crowd. There were spotlights, tambourines, bass guitar solos, and so much more, and this was only the first of three nights in Denver. All of the songs they played that night took people back to when they were growing up. Nostalgia with their older songs that they played.  


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The night wound down as they finished their set. People were chanting for an encore that happened. They came back out and finished the night with ‘Down.’ What a way to start off the first of three nights in Colorado.   

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Photo Credit: IMPRINT | Jessica Kelly

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