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Dallas Mavericks Official DJ & K104.5 Mixer Poizon Ivy Talks Luka Doncic, Dirk & More

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In a male-dominated industry, multi-cultured student of her craft, DJ Poizon Ivy continues to tribe. The talented wizard behind the turntables has been able to master balancing deejaying on-air, on main concert stages, at select nightclubs and lifestyle venues. She is also a fixture at celebrity and non-profit events, for corporate clients, and now hosting, interviewing and modeling.

Ivy was born in Nairobi, Kenya, but was raised in Dallas, Texas. Before she discovered her passion for turntables, her instruments of choice were the piano and Cello.  In 2o1o,  Ivy would go on to host her self-titled weekly online radio show, “Poizon Ivy After Dark” on WMUR,  the student ran radio station at Marquette University this was her first break. She would later open for Nas, Wiz Khalifa, Lupe Fiasco, B.o.B, J. Cole and Juicy J at events such as “World’s Largest Music Festival,” and  Summerfest.

After college Ivy returned to Dallas and became the first female mixer to be featured on the airwaves at WKKV-FM as a V100.7 Mix Squad DJ. She recently joined Dallas Forth Worth Radio Station  K104 and not too much time had passed before she joined the Dallas Wings as their in-arena DJ during the WNBA’s historic 20th anniversary season in 2016.  She was also after the Official DJ for the Dallas Mavericks shortly after making her the first female DJ in franchise history, and second in NBA history.

The talented DJ recently sat down with us at The Hype Magazine to discuss Dirk Nowitzki final season and rookie sensation Luka Doncic first season in Dallas.

How has mastering the piano and cello as a kid helped to prepare you for DJ turntables?

I didn’t master the cello more so the piano, but it was instilling the love for music. Obviously, turntables and those instruments are different. However, it was more so teaching about the love for music.

How many times did you approach your program director at Marquette University before he or she decided to let your weekly online radio show, “Poizon Ivy After Dark” on WMUR?

I didn’t have to approach the program director at Marquette too much. The cool thing about college radio it is a platform to allow the kids to practice what they want to do or think they want to do professionally. So, at the time we were still building the notoriety of the station it was just the one time.

How has that helped you as you pursue opportunities even today?

I have always been very adamant, keen, direct, and I ever knew what I wanted. So, I go after it, and all the experience throughout high school and college thought me how to approach seeking opportunities even professionally.


You are the official DJ For the Dallas Mavericks and the second female DJ ever in the NBA. When you first found out that Dallas Mavericks were bringing you on board. What were some of the emotions that felt?

I was very excited when I first heard the Dallas Mavericks were bringing me on the sound coordinator and team DJ. Obviously being a ball kid for the team was integral a part of my life. So, getting a second stint with my favorite professional team. Doing what I love to do is a dream come true for me.

What events can people look forward to seeing you at this year aside from NBA obligations?

I am producing my own music and putting a project together beside my NBA obligations.
What is some advice that you wish someone would have told you as you were working your way up the ranks?
Some who are working their way of the ranks be patient and prayerful. Work hard but work smart and never forget to have fun. Sometimes I think we get caught up in the hustle that we forget to have fun and smile the roses along the way.

You have helped break numerous artists in the past in Dallas and elsewhere. What do you look for in an artist’s character aside from the music?

Honesty, it’s all about the music and if that person happens to be from a good moral background character and standing. That is even more motivation to us my platform to help them out. So, just be a good person.


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You had the opportunity to watch Dirk Nowitzki from afar and in the DJ booth at American Airlines Center over the years. What are you going to miss the most about him not playing next season?

I have never known a Dallas Mavericks team without Dirk. So, I think is a statement. The name and the game everything will be missed, but I am glad for him and his family. In this next stage of his life and like he said Dallas is still home. It weird seeing him in the arena, not in a playing capacity, but all great things must come to an end. It went to a beautiful ending, and for that I am grateful.

You also had the opportunity to see Rookie of the Year candidate Luka Doncic all season long. If you could only use one word to describe his body of work from this season what would it be and why?

The word I would use is Marvel. He is definitely someone to marvel at!

How scary do think the combination of him alongside Kristaps Porzingis will be next season?

The combination of Luka and KP is going to be very scary, but I’m very excited. I think the city has longed for competition and basketball IQ.

You are also a mother and how has that helped your motivation as an entrepreneur looking to achieve a specific goal still?

I think becoming a mother has helped me mold into the entrepreneur I am today simply because I would love to provide for my daughter on the best possible level. So, I put her at the forefront of every single decision I make. She is my real motivator.

Why is it still necessary for you to be a role model to young girls out there and always uplifting even though some may think you made it?

It is essential for me to be a role model for these young girls out here and uplift anyone I can. Even though people think I quote-unquote made it there still such a long way to go. I just want these you girls to know we live in a world where people get to see your highlight reel every single day on Instagram, Twitter, and social media. I want them to know that their struggles are my struggle as well. If I can overcome them and still carry all these other loads so can they. It is just a matter of empowering that is very important to me. Something that I really care about.

How do you want to use your platform to help change the narrative in the DFW area moving forward?

I want to use my platform to change the narrative about the DFW moving forward in the sense that people in the city always want to know that entity. That belongs to that city, i.e., sports teams; politicians have their best interest at heart. So, I am hoping to be able to use my platform to shed light about the different cultures all over Dallas. Let people know what they bring to the table and showcasing why it is a beautiful place to live. That way tourists leave with a great feeling about the city and uplift my community.






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