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Published on July 17th, 2019 | by Landon Buford


The LABZ Brings The Creative Process And Royalties Splits In To One Workspace


For the first time ever, indie artists, songwriters, and producers can now collaborate together in one secured workspace while each of their contributions are automatically tracked and their music rights are protected. A new platform called The LABZ protects music rights in real-time and generates split sheets for each contributing music creator – all in one workspace. Artists hold the responsibility of protecting their music but there is no easy way to transition the creative process to the business process of owning the rights to their work. This problem affects everyone who receives credit for a song (artists, producers, and songwriters) and all parties that hold the legal responsibility of paying rights holders, i.e. publishers, performing rights organizations, streaming providers, movie studios, labels, etc. And the best part of it all is that all of the work is backed by Blockchain technology.

Within the free platform, music creators can add their publishing information to their profile, upload music files and invite other creators to collaborate on music and lyrics. Based on those contributions, The LABZ automates and suggests split ownership and emails split sheets to all contributing parties. “We are the new industry standard for protecting music rights,” says Tami LaTrell, The LABZ CMO and Multiplatinum GRAMMY Nominated Songwriter, who’s written for Whitney Houston, Keyshia Cole, Monica, and SWV. “As a creator myself I know first-hand the benefit of having this platform as my go-to. It makes having the awkward conversations of getting split sheets at the end of the session a seamless process. In addition, The LABZ helps all music creators sleep peacefully knowing their intellectual property is protected,” LaTrell said.

“Many independent artists envision sitting down with a group of creators and producing the next hot song,” says The LABZ CEO and co-founder Farah Allen (pictured). “What they don’t think about is the responsibility of protecting their work and fairly compensating other individuals who contributed. The LABZ assists with both creative collaboration and the business process to empower independent artists to successfully operate as an independent.” The LABZ is not only a jam-packed tool for music creators, but other music business platforms that serve indie artists see the benefit it has as well. “IndieHitmaker has integrated The LABZ solution into our release plan which serves as the cornerstone for building momentum for thousands of artists on our platform,” said IndieHitmaker Founder Bram Bessoff.

The platform launched beta in October 2018 at Atlanta’s A3C Music Festival at their Top 5 music startups showcase and has since been selected out of 9000 companies for the SXSW 2019 Release It Stage (Forbes Magazine – The Labz) and was selected for Project Music (backed by the Country Music Association). This all in one collaboration and music rights platform is The LABZ’s first step toward satisfying music creators desire to create securely and for music business organizations to be able to collect clean data for royalty assigning and distribution. All music creators are welcomed to join for free at

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