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Who is Tennesse Rapper K-Lee?


Courtesy of K-Lee

Keenan Lee, who is better known as K-lee started his started rapping at the age of eight. He began rapping about cheerleaders and money with no indication that his music would be heard all over the world. In 1999, he would release his debut album entitled “PAIN.”  Before the project was release he decided to sell door to door products such as cleaning supplies for homes. After he started turning a profit selling different products, he used the same formula to start distributing his music. After a while, K-Lee decided to quit his 9-5 to pursue a career as an artist full-time and sold 3,000 copies of his project “PAIN,” in Middle Tennesse in 2000.

A year later he released his sophomore album entitled “WAR” and went on to sell 4,000 copies thanks to a small distribution deal that land the project in stores and online. n 2002 K-lee released a compilation called “IT AINT ALL COUNTRY DOWN HERE” and 4,000 copies with local distribution in 40 stores throughout Tennessee.  Of the course of the next several years, Lee would found a group called THA PIECEMAKAZ and released several solo and group projects eventually selling over 35,000 units from 2006- 2016. Also during this time, he develope his passion for tattoos after his mother had a dream that he would be a tattoo artists. He would later pursue his mother’s dream and the rest is history.

In 2017, the established artists formed another group called “ALIEN GANG” A.L.I.E.N. stands for Anyone Lost In Earths Neglect ALIEN GANG. It is a movement aimed towards those individuals, who feel like life has dealt them a bad hand.  Also, for those who feel separated from society Alienated from Acceptance a movement for people who don’t fit into social norms.

By the time 2018 rolled around, K-Lee had been a tattoo artist for over ten years, won 14 awards as a rapper. He also released 13 projects and sold over 54,000 units, traveled all over the country, and worked with artists such as Lil Jon and Pastor Troy.

The Hype Magazine recently had the opportunity to speak with K-Lee about his new video “Boom Bap Booty Clap” featuring Fresco and his future plans for the rest of the year. We also spoke with his K-Lee’s manager BG THE PROPHET about his StarforceHH label. 

K-LEE you just released a video entitled ” Boom Bap Booty Clap”  featuring Fresco. Can you share with us what inspired the collaboration? 

•Typically when it comes to underground rappers I only collab with an artist that I believe so Fresco is one of those artists. I met him in Nashville at the Coast 2 Coast competitions we both won 2 different events in Nashville and went to Miami to the finals to compete for 50k we became homies, and the rest is history now.

Are you planning on releasing any more visuals this summer? 

YES we are releasing the official video for “Tha Candyman” produced by Supreme Beats (a dance song created and named after my 60 year old hypeman) and the official video for “Shining Star” produced by Twhy Xclusive a song about a girl who’s being abused by her boyfriend she tries to leave him but can’t seem to get away I’m her guardian angel in the video trying to help guide her away both are must-see!

Will you be releasing a whole project?

We will see… I’ve released seven music videos and four full-length albums within the last 15 months and will continue to grind lots of BIG MOVES on the table right now.

Where do you draw your inspiration as an artist? 

Life…to be honest, I don’t listen to much music, so I draw my inspiration from a place of Pain…Betrayal inspires me as well, I have been stabbed in the back by almost every person who’s ever said they loved me, I don’t trust many people…haters inspire me as well when I’ve doubted it motivates me to prove them wrong

You have been a veteran in this game for a long time is there anyone you would still like to work with one day?

Personally, id still love to do a record with Techn9ne, Stitches, Pitbull, Lil Wayne, Drake and any major artist who respects what I do and wants to work with me I’m all game for it

Any advice for up and coming artists? 

Believe In yourself first, if you don’t believe in yourself to make it, how you can expect others to believe in you? And never give up! When you fail, it’s ok your only a failure when you give up remember that! I have released 15 albums I’ve sold 54,000 CDs out the trunk underground and have been doing this 20 years and now your reading this about me in HYPE! hard work and persistence pays off eventually if your good at what you do

Are you planning on going on tour this year?

That is the game plan I can’t wait to get on the road and meet all the fans who have been holding me AG and Tha Candyman down…Our fans are amazing. A tour is undoubtedly coming.


Can you talk about when you began managing K-Lee?

I found K on a Facebook live, was there snapping like everyone else, then after a few lives, I couldn’t turn this (explicit) off

Do you plan on expanding Starforce Network into a record Label?

Starforce is a label imprint with Majestik Media BMI

What other things can we expect from Starforce Network in the future?

StarforceHH is going into films and docu-series TV

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StarForceHH’s Instagram


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