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Dayton James Shares Groovy Electro-Pop Track Entitled ‘Already Won’ Discusses the Evolution of His Music

A UK born and raised musician and wordsmith, Dayton James found from a young age that music was his passion. As a teenager, music was not always an outlet he could consistently rely on. Fast forward a few years after travelling the world and writing a string of songs for other artists, including multi award winning artist Shaggy, Dayton James is now based out of Toronto and has set off on a new journey, this time writing his own story.

“Already Won” is an groovy, soul-infused electro-pop track. Listen to the track and read the interview with Dayton below!

What makes ‘Already Won’ different from your past work?

Already Won is instantly different from my past works because it is THE song that started this whole journey. Before Already Won, there was no ‘Dayton James’. There was just a guy who was a published songwriter writing songs for other artists and constantly feeling unfulfilled. This song will always be a special one.

Can you describe the concept behind the making of the video?

I refer to this video as more of a visual than a music video. Being that its my first real outing as an artist, I wanted everything to be about the music, not so much about ME. When I was making Already Won, all I could imagine was myself sitting in the middle of nowhere with my girl just in awe of the fact that I got so lucky. So, rather than recreating that setting, I wanted to recreate the feeling without making it about me. When you combine the music with these beautiful images, it does just that.

How would you describe your artistic evolution throughout your career?

My career has been a weird one. As I have spent most of it writing for other artists. But in many ways, my own artistic evolutions comes from this, because I had to be diverse in my styles and genres to be able to deliver. From this I knew once I embarked on my own journey, exactly what I did and didn’t want. I also knew that I absolutely did NOT want to follow the trends, whats in right now.. As a writer, this is all you do, ‘Oh this song is number 1 right now, we gotta write a song like that’. No, never – I knew I had to just be me, and if no one else likes it, at least i would. Thats fulfilment.

What’s been the biggest change in your life over the past year?

The biggest change in my life has been moving to Toronto. It didn’t feel like anything new as I’ve been travelling for music since maybe 2013, but very new at the same time. Usually on a music trip I have a whole new mindset, an ambitious one.. ‘I’m only here for 2 weeks I gotta get all this done’. A completely different mindset to when I’m at home. I wouldn’t say I’m lazy when I’m home, but definitely more chill. I’ve been coming back and forth from Toronto since 2017, so as I say, it didn’t feel like anything new, but I definitely have a more chill look on it. Which is perfect because my new life and my new journey needs to be as stress free as possible. The moment it feels like a job is the moment I won’t wanna do it anymore.

What song by another artist do you wish you had written?

You know what, I hate to be the guy, but I actually don’t. But that being said, when I was chasing the whole writing game, of course I did, I used to be so envious of penmanship, especially when my peers would write great songs. But since I set out on this new journey, I realised that i’ve actually become a fan of music again. Before it was mostly competition, I would always be analysing lyrics and melody and even production, and wouldn’t enjoy the song the same way my mum would for example.. Just listen. Now that the only competition I have is myself and im running my own race at my own pace, I feel like I can enjoy other peoples music without the wish of writing or being involved in it. But, for the sake of mentioning an artist that I LOVE right now, I would have to say; H.E.R.

And finally, where can readers keep up with what you are doing?

You can find me everywhere @IAmDaytonJames

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