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Deondrae “Drae2xx” Williams Puts Atlanta on Notice with Captivating & Diverse Music!

Nowadays most musicians are driven by sales and commercial incentives. If a trend gets popular enough, just about every artist tries to copy it in the hopes of going viral and in doing so potentially generating more revenue for themselves. As such, originality tends to take a back seat to business and financially driven motives! Due to this tendency, it’s very rare to find upcoming artists who stay true to their “original” and “authentic” sound. Majority of artists are so focused on making it and rightfully so but sometimes that comes at the cost of their creative authenticity. However, every now and again an artist comes along who does not conform to the usual and is not swayed by trends! One such artist is the Atlanta based rapper known as Drae2xx – Deondrae Williams. 

Deondre “Drae2xx” Williams – “Atlanta Top 20 Upcoming Artist”

In a day and age where the music industry is stifled by monotony, artists like Drae2xx provide us with a breath of fresh air! Drae2xx is truly a musical purist! He prioritizes his creativity and authenticity above everything else. This makes his music very refreshing because it is completely different from anything you could ever listen to from other artists. Drae2xx does an exceptional job of blending in various tones and expressions in all his songs. Take for instance his track – “AURA” which has a soothing and relaxing melody while still retaining a bit of a sharp edge. Drae2xx effortlessly flows from verse to verse as he raps about his perception of peers who come across as fake or “capping”. 

Drae2xx – “Blacc John Lennon”

Another stroke of mastery is on full display in Drae2xx’s hit single “RIGHT NOW“. This track is just meant for the summer! It provides a very unique blend of Rap & Soul but with an up tempo and catchy beat. There is a portion within the song around the “1:30” minute mark which has an “Anime” instrumental. Incorporating that into the track was a bold move but it definitely paid off because it truly sounds delightful! “RIGHT NOW” is a perfect example of the sheer creativity and talent that Drae2xx brings to the table. His willingness to take chances often leads to him creating music that transcends just one genre. Thanks to this, Drae2xx has begun to garner attention and buzz throughout Atlanta which even culminated in him being included in the ATLTop20 list for upcoming newcomers of 2023! 

Atlanta Based Rapper – “Drae2xx”

Drae2xx is set to release his first highly anticipated EP titled ATOMU this October which will be spearheaded by new singles “2xx” and “Anime“.



Also known as “Blacc John Lennon


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