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Connecting Musicians To The Blockchain: MAIA-X

Inventor and Blockchain expert, Juan Bernardo Tobar, has developed the first-ever mobile app that allows users to paste smart contracts into a mobile chat conversation: MAIA-X.

Launching via Tobar’s ADOM Inc, in October 2019, MAIA-X is a chat application and crypto wallet. It contains the usual chat features – one-on-one secure chat, group chat, as well as a useful tool to build a following via a feed (similar to WhatsApp Broadcast List or Telegram Channels).

What differentiates MAIA-X from all other chat apps is that it features the ability to “paste” smart-contracts into the chat. Unique to MAIA-X from all other smart-contract and blockchain apps, is it’s chat-app functionality which enables any downloader to begin using the app and smart contract capabilities without any blockchain knowledge, and without leaving the chat window.

Smart-contracts are the technology that allows decentralized trust-less fundraising and “tokenization.” Tobar cites this specific function as particularly useful to artists and music industry professionals:

“We’ve watched as artists have struggled to fund projects in the new age of the music industry. The technology to lower the barriers of entry and to monetize one’s talent is now here. MAIA-X creates a new hope for emerging artists who have been discouraged due to the lack of return on their creative projects. As we saw with DJ / producer Gramatik in 2017, he enlisted revolutionary technology to deploy his very own GRMTK token. This token created a direct artist to fan relationship that had not been seen before. Having raised $2,000,000 within 24-hours of launch, the GRMTK token has now grown to an entertainment economy worth over $9,000,000. This allows Gramatik the freedom to not only fund his projects, but also creates a direct fan-to-artist connection essentially cutting out intermediaries. MAIA-X allows artists to transform themselves into financially-savvy entrepreneurs.”
-Juan Bernardo Tobar

This is a revolutionary tool for an ever-changing music industry attempting to recapture the income streams of previous decades prior to the digital revolution. Using MAIA-X allows artists to directly engage with their fans like never before. Elevating the function of information platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and email, MAIA-X also creates a place for artists to fundraise projects, sell-tickets and merchandise, engage fans in contesting / sweepstakes, and more- all via the platform.

For little to no cost, artists can launch their very own tokens via MAIA-X right on the “Feed” with their users. Users can “Like” the post, “Share,” and even give the post a monetary tip. All without leaving the chat window, fans can donate to their favorite artists, fund their next album, acquire ‘Super Fan’ tokens, or simply buy tickets for their next show.

In conjunction with the MAIA-X mobile app, is the release of another ground-breaking invention – the MAIA Blockchain card. A programmable physical card that can replace bank cards, identity card, and entrance / ticket passes. The Blockchain card works right out of the box by scanning it with the MAIA-X mobile app. Much like cashless top-up bracelets many venues and festivals have made mandatory for their concert attendees to save the venue on 3-7% credit card usage fees, the MAIA Blockchain card allows users to control balances directly from their MAIA-X app. Users can “top-up” their balance during the event, or take their remaining balance off, with ease. All without having to wait in lines or pay “refund handling fees” that amount to $5 or more.

Tobar is bringing his technology and blockchain expertise as a service he calls “The Blockchain Edge.” He will consult with businesses, artists, and anyone who wishes to elevate their business with blockchain innovation. This unique service allows any business – no matter how small – to benefit from blockchain technology and to begin informing themselves as to how blockchain and smart-contracts can transform their business. It creates the opportunity for anyone with a smartphone to tokenize their future earnings and fully harness the unlimited potential of blockchain technology.

For more information please visit adom.tech

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