AfroTech Conference 2023 Applies Pressure as The World’s Largest and Coolest Black Tech Conference


AFROTECH Conference, the largest (and dopest) Black tech conference in the world rounded out its annual multi-day gathering in Austin, TX with the AfroTech Music Experience featuring headliner Rick Ross, Saweetie and performances from DJ Spinderella, DJ Hunny Bee, Joe Kay, Andre Power, and Jadab0o. Presented by Lexus, the music portion of the conference was hosted at Culture Park, an immersive experience that blended music and community to create a unique and inclusive atmosphere. The experience at Culture Park included food trucks, music, small Black businesses, a curated photo booth, VIP lounges, and more. This year’s event returned to Austin, Texas and brought together more than 160 partners, 100+ booths, and thousands of Black professionals, many of whom are shaping equity and DEI initiatives at America’s largest corporations.

Speaking about his journey from producer to founder, Timbaland shared the resilience and trend-spotting abilities that have kept him ahead of the curve. Later in the discussion, he shared insight into how technology is reshaping the music industry and the impact it is having on music creation, distribution, and consumption. On staying resilient, Timbaland shared, “Sometimes you need those ‘no’s’ to push you where you’ve never been pushed before.”

Other highlights from the conference included Producer, Actress, Writer, and Chief Executive Officer of HOORAE, Issa Rae discussing her journey from early success to founding her groundbreaking media company. Venture Capitalists, Marlon Nichols, Henri Pierre-Jacques, and Aaron Samuels shared proactive strategies and insights to build investor relationships, perfecting pitches, and streamlining fundraising strategies.

MaC Venture Capital Co-Founder and Managing General Partner, Marlon Nichols, sat down with Harlem Capital Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Henri Pierre-Jacques, and Collide Capital Founder and Managing Partner, Aaron Samuels who spoke about proactive strategies and insights to optimize fundraising journeys including how to build investor relationships, perfecting pitches, and streamlining fundraising strategies.

President Joe Biden issued a letter sharing his “warmest greetings” to “the dreamers and doers attending the AfroTech Conference. President Biden went on to close out his letter by thanking this year’s AfroTech Conference attendees for making their voices heard – propelling action toward attaining “the sacred promise of America for all Americans.

Aftrotech - Letter from President Biden

There are so many more incredible highlights from this year’s conference! AfroTech just announced that next year’s AfroTech Conference will be returning to Texas, this time in the city of Houston! Presale tickets for the AfroTech Conference 2024 in Houston can be purchased HERE.

All Photos courtesy of Getty Images and AfroTech


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