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Power Glove – Throwback

Power Glove is an Electronic and Synthwave duo from Melbourne, Australia. The project consists of brothers who identify under the repurposed pseudonyms Michael Biehn and Michael Dudikoff, otherwise known by their respective true identities – Jarome and Joel Harmsworth. Based on the 1989 Nintendo accessory, the duo’s moniker perfectly encapsulates their nostalgia-filled, VHS-soaked sound.

In the duo’s newest offering, Power Glove take listeners on a sonic journey through sound in their Throwback EP. Synth-wave soaked soundscapes set the tone for a nostalgic ride through time in 5 tracks. Reminiscent of all we know and love about 80’s horror and thrills, Throwback is your new favorite experimental body of work.

Stream Throwback below.

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