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Published on July 22nd, 2022 | by Tallie Spencer


Rising Star Azalyne Shares New Song + Visual “Fragments”

14 year-old Canadian rising superstar Azalyne has released her newest single “Fragments” on Friday, July 22nd. The single arrived accompanied by a visual just a few days later and takes things up a notch with the creative direction that can be described as exemplary and sophisticated. At her young age, Azaylne is showing growth and maturity that matches the vocals and lyrics she boasts in her music. The singer releases “Fragments” just a couple weeks after “Clouds,” and she is most definitely continuing the momentum with her powerful presentation and ability to be raw and vulnerable on any track.

Azalyne’s latest track “Fragments” explores themes of self-reflection, cherishing loved ones, and hope. Azalyne takes audiences on a melodic, soundful journey as she shows off her vocal range and exemplifies her signature sound. With a melody that can be described as a mix of contemporary R&B, pop and jazz, Azalyne stands out from the rest and sets herself apart. 

Azalyne gets raw and authentic with her audience, showcasing that she has the range and can also be versatile with genre-bending sounds.

Azalyne also announced she will be premiering her debut EP Fragments on September 16th. Preceded by singles “Clouds”, “Fragments”, and “Outta My Head”, RemixdMag can confirm that the EP will arrive on all DSP’s at the top of the fall.

“’Fragments’ captures the complexities of the teenage heart with a mixture of soul-stringing ballads and head bopping melodies,” Azalyne says. 

“Though she has been singing since the age of 4, ‘Fragments’ marks the singer’s first exploration into creating a collective body of work through the support and guidance of her industry mentor, Anté O’Connor from Abstract Studios and Paula Griffith.”

Even at a tender age, Azalyne has been privy to numerous laudable career highlights. She released her first single “You Are Mighty” aged 9, has performed in over 250 shows including Toronto Jazz Festival, Honey Jam, RISE, Supermarket, Lula Lounge, El Mocambo, and numerous others. Her diverse style and ability to incorporate classic and contemporary sounds has distinctively distinguished her early in her career as she resonates with listeners from all walks of life through her art. She was recently featured on Much Music’s Artist Spotlight on June 18. She was also featured by Authority Magazine as rising star on their spotlight segment.

In preparation for her debut studio LP, watch the music video for “Fragments” and get blown by the young superstar.

Her upcoming five-track EP, also called ‘Fragments,’ will continue to draw listeners in and consist of interpolative melodies that defy barriers and place Azalyne in a lane of her own. Audiences can be on the lookout for more from Azalyne, as she’s someone to keep on your radar and the next teenage sensation to take over your airwaves.

Listen to Azalyne’s latest single “Fragments” below.

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