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Meet Rising Industry Exec Jesse Coltrane

Jesse Coltrane is currently the Chief Executive Officer of 6.26 Enterprises, LLC & C&C Entertainment Firm, LLC. According to Mr. Coltrane, he did not become an entrepreneur overnight. It took true dedication, education, and hands-on experience to really take on a heavy title.

Jesse began his career in the entertainment industry as a dancer and event coordinator. Mr. Coltrane would develop concerts, events, after-parties, and tours for emerging and established talent. Mr. Coltrane’s first significant project was a tour titled Return of the Legends Tour featuring Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, and DMX, to name a few with Tone Harmon and OS Music Management.

Courtesy of Jesse Coltrane

Jesse was known behind the scenes as a “fixer.” Working on investment and sponsorship dollars for large music projects, working along with side brands such as SX Liquors, Cîroc… to booking after-parties for Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Kevin Hart, Usher, and more.

Seeing an opportunity to help others, Coltrane developed his own entertainment boutique. This boutique offered Artist Development, Marketing, Talent & Tour Relations, Event Management and so much more. C&C Entertainment Firm, LLC was formed assisting emerging, and established artists run their marketing campaigns for projects, products, and more.

6.26 Enterprises, LLC was formed to introduce a new entertainment luxury lifestyle to the entertainment industry. Partnering and networking with high-end brands providing Private Jets, Sprinter Vans, Black Car Service, Luxury Vehicles, Concierge Services, Celebrity Catering, and so much more anyone would feel like a true celebrity.

You have currently worked with the legendary Teddy Riley, Harmony Samuels, and others established and new talents. Can you describe what the experience is like working with legendary talent and new talent? 

My responsibility in the entertainment industry is to “fix.” I am respected as a fixer, so I provide my clients with solutions. Working with Teddy Riley, Harmony Samuels, was truly breathtaking. I learned a lot working with them, and they passed on amazing knowledge.

I don’t work with just anyone; I tend to take a small piece of knowledge with me so I can apply it to the next opportunity. I connect clients to powerful networks and get the job done. Working with new talent is always fun but a challenge. However, working with credible names and new talent seems to be quite similar. They all have the same goals, just different ways of achieving them.

I strongly believe in being prepared for the good, the bad, and the ugly when working in the entertainment industry. Sometimes the talent is excellent, but representation is not so good or vice versa. Some teams are fantastic, and you can see it in the results.

Courtesy of Jesse Coltrane

You have been placed in different roles within the past 17 years you been in the entertainment industry. What exactly do you do? 

Yes, I have been placed in different roles. Quite often, I stop and smile at my accomplishments. I get asked all the time what do I do. The clear answer is. I connect clients to powerful networks. I work hard to provide results to my clients. I am a fixer; I find solutions to everyone’s issues within the entertainment industry. My true passion is seeing a smile on my client’s faces.

Marketing, Artist Development, Event Management and Development, Consultations, it does not matter if I am flying them privately, to the curtain call on tour. As long as a project or event goes successful, then I am successful.

What do you think the biggest challenge is working in the entertainment business? 

Credit. People do not give credit when credit is due. There so many projects I have created, developed, or had input on and was told that my brand nor I would receive credit. I would receive an NDA, which prevents me from saying anything about it. It sucks, I learned my lesson and will not be doing that anymore. I think it’s important to stand up for what is right. There is enough credit to go around, and I do not mind sharing the spotlight with other creatives as I know we are all trying to make history simply.

What advice would you share with a creative that feels he or she is hitting that wall in their career? 

DO NOT GIVE UP! That wall is temporary. Strategize on how you plan to knock down that wall. Be smart and witty, and always 20 steps ahead. If you have a team and they are not helping you, find you a new team. Find other creatives to collaborate with to help you build the strength to even get to that temporary wall.

What is one of your biggest achievements? 

Wow! My most significant achievement has yet to come.

What is next for Jesse Coltrane? 

Hmm! I will be expanding the luxury lifestyle section of my business. I am working on creating my clothing line as well as the sneaker line. More concerts, events, and festivals to come. The Hollywood Dance Boot Camp in New York.  I want you to stay tuned because history will soon be made.

Instagram: JCeoltrane

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