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Published on January 23rd, 2020 | by Rive


JAY releases official music video for “Paradise”

JAY, Joseph Lopez, is a Hispanic 15 year old musician/songwriter and over all music lover. Ever since he was a small child music has been a major part of his life. “I’ve always had a passion for music, and an ambition to create” says JAY. He grew up playing in the church watching and feeling the worship music and started playing drums when he was around six years old. At age nine, he picked up his first acoustic guitar and started the journey of writing as he learned different styles of music from his dad. 

While having a passion for music Jay’s parents have an amazing passion for missionary work, specifically for unfortunate children all over but mostly in Mexico where conditions are very poor. His family began to bake cakes and sell them to raise money for these missions with all the hard work and money raised for children in Mexico to have a pair of shoes on their feet. As a family they go out to the mission field every 2 years, with all the money raised from those prior 2 years. Wanting to use his talent to help his family to raise money for this cause, Jay started releasing music late 2018. Jay states, “I released an EP in May 2019, titled “Helping Hand”. It was there that the Helping Hand Foundation was born bringing music to the missions and worshipping with people in need. I also believe that music brings everyone together. Because in reality, music is a universal language. I think it’s amazing that you can create something beautiful out of nothing.”

Creating all his songs in his basement with a cheap old guitar amp, laptop and old microphone, Jay was able to create songs that would go viral overnight on social media. Even the song Paradise, the Single that caught the attention of Vyne Entertainment/Devyn Records Owner Dave England’s son Devyn, was made on a whim overnight for the social media fans asking for more. Jay states, “There was so much crackling background noise you can even hear my fire alarm beeping from the low battery! That just goes to show that you don’t need a lot to create, all it takes is a vision, the ambition to fulfill that vision and the will to act on it.”

Paradise was supposed to release on a Friday through Spotify, but there was a mistake with the upload and it was released a day early. Little did Jay know that Dave was about to launch Vyne Entertainment’s new addition Devyn Records that very same day. Devyn, Dave’s son, showed him the track and Dave immediately grabbed his son’s phone and called Jay to ask him to be the first artist on his new label. They tested the water by releasing the demo version of Paradise that weekend with a TikTok video letting everyone know the big news and in 2 hours it went completely viral. Within 3 days the video was over 1.2 million views and the real work to take the track international started.

Within one week of meeting Dave the song was in the hands of 36 gold and platinum credited producer Mark Berry and team member Phil Mann who together would help create the version that was released. With the track in the middle of production they used the unfinished version of the song to cut the video right away with Cleveland’s own Premier videographer Brett Vance. “It was probably one of the most fun days of my life! Everyone most important to me was there as well as some industry people that wanted to be in my video. Also It was the last good sunny day so we got really lucky!”, states JAY.

With the track and video now completed, Vyne has been able to secure some amazing deals for JAY that have taken the song “Paradise” and JAY to the International main stage in the music industry. With the Road now beginning for JAY’s Music Career, we look forward to what’s next.

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