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Published on February 12th, 2024 | by XO


Atlanta’s Power Couple: Jay and Khadija Lilley, Pioneers in Construction and Philanthropy

Meet Jay and Khadija Lilley, the dynamic power couple revolutionizing the construction industry. Hailing from diverse backgrounds – Khadija from Morocco, raised in France, and Jay from North Carolina with a basketball background – they share a common thread of unwavering work ethic, perseverance, faith, and a shared vision of making a positive impact.

As the driving force behind three thriving companies, Court Dreams, Turf Dreams, and Magnifique Pools, the Lilleys are reshaping the narrative from their humble beginnings. Court Dreams, based in Atlanta, has become a powerhouse in sports construction, delivering customized basketball, pickleball, volleyball, and tennis courts. Their clientele includes notable names like Shaquille O’Neal, Trae Young, Ludacris, and the Atlanta Hawks.

Magnifique Pools, spearheaded by Khadija’s creative prowess, transforms ordinary pools into breathtaking backyard oases. Notable clients include Shaquille O’Neal, who entrusted them with his custom pool redesign. Meanwhile, Turf Dreams specializes in custom residential and commercial turf applications, catering to clients ranging from R&B sensation Yung Bleu to the US Army.


Khadija’s journey from Morocco to France, mastering multiple languages and later embracing the construction sector, reflects her entrepreneurial spirit. Jay’s path, shaped by basketball in North Carolina, instilled in him valuable life lessons such as leadership and resilience.

Beyond their entrepreneurial success, the Lilleys are deeply committed to philanthropy. Court Dreams actively seeks ways to provide courts to underprivileged communities, while Khadija’s initiatives include donating essentials to her Moroccan village. Their global impact extends through Court Dreams International, based in Dubai, focusing on providing custom courts and basketball clinics to youth worldwide.

Both Jay and Khadija serve as Global Ambassadors to the Sharon Ringo Foundation of Tanzania, championing climate change and global tourism initiatives. Grounded in a strong faith, the couple traverses the world, seeking opportunities to make a meaningful difference.

To stay connected with the Lilleys and their inspiring journey, follow them on social media: @courtdreams, @mrsgeorgiaglobe2023, and @thejaylilley.

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