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More Than Just A Rapper: Fvmous Chillzz

Spoken word background helps, Fvmous Chillzz structure his delivery while creating music.

There is no shortage of dope emcees hailing from Chicago. The Windy City has produced some all-time greats. The up and coming emcees roster is starting to look nice as well. Fvmous Chillzz seems to be a part of that next wave that will provide the spark that will circle the airwaves and hold down the Chi for years to come. His unconventional delivery, which he credits his spoken word start for is a great mixture from the often-predictable rap flow that’s prevalent in some of today’s music. His, “Fvmou$ $lime” project displayed his range and diversity as an artist. The GED Ent. alumni is planning a huge year.

Fvmous Chillzz stepped away from the studio to discuss his upcoming single, Chicago’s music scene and his musical influences.

 What’s good with you, man? How is everything going?

Fvmous Chillzz: I’m good, man. Just trying to get everything together this year. I got a lot of stuff planned this year.

Have you been living in the studio to produce content or are you taking a more calculated approach?

Fvmous Chillzz: I’m more calculated. Last year I was in the studio a lot. I came out with my EP, “Fvmou$ $lime.” I dropped a few other singles and features with some other artists. But mainly this year, I’m just focused on getting that spark together.

You do a lot of work with, Jono Santana. What makes the chemistry with him so close to create dope music with?

Fvmous Chillzz: Jono Santana, that’s blood. It’s more than music when it comes to bro. That’s actually family.

Give us your bio, my man.

Fvmous Chillzz: I’m from the west side of Chicago. Born and raised in the North Lawndale neighborhood. I have been doing music since I was 17; actually, recording music. But I’ve been song writing since I was around 12 or 13-years old. I started off with spoken word. I was real close to the people in the neighborhood at the YMCA and stuff, so I’ve been working with that pen for a long time.

That’s interesting. How did spoken word rhyming help elevate you as an emcee?

Fvmous Chillzz: How it helped me grow as an emcee, it structured my delivery. It structured how I approach music, how I approach production. As a song writer I don’t come at it like a typical everyday rapper would; like 16-bars and a hook. I go out and break stuff up. I may want to do something differently and make a bridge or something. And that stuff comes from when you know how to write poetry, stanzas and stuff like that. I’m way more structured with my music.

The “Fvmou$ $lime” project is dope. What can we expect next from you?

Fvmous Chillzz: That was really just like my EP to show everybody my sauce and what I still got going on because I hadn’t released a lot of music in a while. So, that was just a refreshment basically. What I do got coming out is the next part of, “SDA;” “Sun Drop Act 2.” That’s coming out at the end of March. Every song on there going to be a different vibe. People will hear certain projects and it’s the same all the way through, every song on this one is going to be a different feeling.

Will this album be more about you or will you have a lot of features on this one?

Fvmous Chillzz: I really tried to minimize the features on this one. But a few artists that’s going to be on this one, my boy, Po’Boy. Shout out, Po’Boy. My latest song, “Rob Who” will be coming out between Friday and Saturday, All-Star weekend. I got that feature with him. I got a feature with, Mally Mal. My boy Dondre. It’s about 4-features on there.

It seems like my man, Don Anderson has a plan for you Chicago cats, man. What’s the push been like from him and how has it helped you?

Fvmous Chillzz: Oh yeah! Don man, that’s family. That’s blood. Shout out, GED Empire. That’s where I’m at right now. I’ve been looking for a music family. A very strong backbone to support me because, I’m the head, and when I’m focusing on myself, it be hard to push and focus on myself sometimes. They got me for the long run.

What can someone who is looking to listen to, Fvmous Chillzz expect when they turn your music on?

Fvmous Chillzz: They can expect creativity from the jump. I don’t like making simple music. Even though my label is a rapper, I don’t like being called a rapper because I think of music as more of an art. It’s more expression than anything. When they hear a, Fvmous Chillzz song or album or anything from me, they gonna know it’s authentic and original.

Who are some of your musical influences?

Fvmous Chillzz: People that influenced me growing up in the music industry and today, Lil Wayne of course, Drake, Future, I gotta say, shout out to, Sosa [Chief Keef] because he’s the one that put Chicago back in the limelight in 2012-2013. People that really had a big influence with their music and made a movement on its own. Also, Roddy Ricch. Also shout to, Roddy. I’m rocking with him. I’m rocking with Roddy right now.

Where do you feel Chicago is musically right now?

Fvmous Chillzz: Right now, the music scene in Chicago is diverse, but it’s together at the same time. It’s a thin line between the violence in Chicago and the music scene. And at the same time, the music scene people want the music scene to be successful in Chicago because we done had some of the biggest artists come out of Chicago in the past few years. Rest in peace to Juice Wrld. He was one of the bigger artists to come out of Chicago in the last few years. We definitely got a lot of talent and creativity here in Chicago, but it’s hard to stick together here pretty much shit.

I can’t wait to hear what you’re releasing, good luck this year and keep grinding. Is there anything you would like to add?

Fvmous Chillzz: Like I said before, shout out to, GED Empire. That’s the movement. And shout out to, Culture Brand from the west side. That’s blood too. Besides that, “SDA 2” coming out at the end of March, “Anemic” already out going crazy, “Rob Who” coming out Saturday. It’s lit! 2020 lit!

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