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Published on March 28th, 2020 | by Guest Contributor


A.CHAL Releases “Pink Dust,” First Single From New Album Due Soon

Peruvian-born, LA-based singer/songwriter and producer A.CHAL releases the first single from his new album, “Pink Dust.” The R&B/Latin artist also shares the official music video for the track.

Spinning an array of sounds through a psychedelic lens, the track slips under genre lines with confidence, charisma, and charm. Meanwhile, his voice bobs and weaves between woozy melodies and tight rhymes, conjuring imagery through vivid lyrics a la, “Jimi Hendrix playing out in Malibu, it’s bringing out another side of you” and the confession, “I don’t want to talk; I want to lay with you. As he canvases an empty beach in the visual, artful editing brings transcendent and grainy vignettes together in one intimate fever dream around an ecstatic sonic high.

Gravitating around the nascent feelings of fresh love, A.CHAL compares the beginnings of a romantic attachment to a drug, labeling the sensation “pink dust.” He says, “It’s about that moment of knowing that you’re about to fall in love with someone and knowing that you’re never going to have that moment again.”

He explains that the video is about chasing that love-drug, chasing otherworldly love. “It’s all of that and more. Living in Hollywood for the last several years, it’s difficult to find authentic love. And when you encounter it and indulge in that feeling, you find yourself longing for it more and more. It’s like chasing your first high. There are other layers to the visual concept, though I’ll leave that to the viewer to unveil.”

“Pink Dust” paves the way for the arrival of his anxiously awaited new album, due for release later this year. The project looks back as it leaps forward, fusing together psychedelic soundscapes, R&B, Reggaeton, and Rock into a future-facing odyssey guided by A.CHAL, who co-produced much of the album alongside Noel Zancanella (other production collaborations include names like Tainy). The body of work takes listeners on a roller coaster ride through a self-awakening, while exploring the concept of love and authenticity as being the key in navigating a path towards finding peace.

Check out the “Pink Dust” video below.

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