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Published on February 5th, 2023 | by Julz Mancini


Wikid Films Owner Carlos Williams: A Multi-Faceted Entrepreneur

Prestigious entrepreneur and owner of Wikid Films & BoxediN, Carlos Williams, has diligently worked on his abilities, network, and platform to ensure his success. He has remained true to his roots and the independent artists of Tennessee, showing them the ropes and assisting them in the enhancement of their talents. What was once an idea, eventually transitioned into the implementation of strategy which has landed Carlos and his team a variety of opportunities.

Carlos is a prime illustration of the significance of self-investment. He explained, “I started out as an engineer for Money Bag Yo about 8 years ago and he needed some videos. So, I used my tax money to purchase a camera and started shooting videos for other people.” With only one camera, Carlos changed his life.

Since his entrance into the field of videography, Carlos’ company Wikid Films has accrued millions of views on YouTube. He has worked with established figures within the entertainment business such as, Yung Miami, Quavo, Jucee Froot, Pooh Sheisty, Big 30, Big Walk Dog, Sett, Asian Doll, Blocboy JB, Kevo Muney, Big Boogie (Mental healing or 50 Million Views) and many others. Although working with superstars is a phenomenal experience, Carlos continuously shows love to the independent artists who require direction. Carlos expressed, “Pretty much every artist in the tri states of Tennesee comes through me. We actually put more of our focus into independent upcoming artists.”

With over 800k subscribers, Carlos has developed a beaming platform and is now ready for an additional venture. “I want to start doing short films and a biopic of myself. I have a story I want to get out there, but my work isn’t done yet. I want to start doing short films because we have so many ideas and it would be cool to see your ideas come to fruition through film,” he stated.

When asked what his biggest obstacle as been thus far, Carlos explained, “Doing everything by myself with no help up until the last 2 years. Having to rebrand my live performances from “One Take” to “BoxediN” because i was the first cameraman to make live performances with the mic popular. Everyone else started doing it, which is fine because there’s enough business for everybody. But then everyone started calling their service MY brand name, so we had to rebrand. The new brand is doing very well.”

As Wikid Films and BoxediN continue to grow, make sure you follow and subscribe to the companies’ social media so you don’t miss what they have coming next!




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