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Published on March 24th, 2020 | by MJ


RIELL Shares New Juxtaposing Solo Debut ‘Stubborn’

RIELL is an artist and songwriter from Canada. She is set to release her 7-track debut album, PARADISE, which revolves around themes of self-exploration, an obsession with hardship and the impact of perspective on reality.

RIELL’s new single “Stubborn” is a bright, poppy dance track juxtaposed with dark lyrics. The video goes into the mind of her character as she watches her internal-self struggle with visions of her young-self.

Watch the video for “Stubborn” and read our exclusive interview with RIELL now!

What makes ‘Stubborn’ different from your past work?

Stubborn is the first track I’m releasing as a solo artist as opposed to my past collab work. It is the first track I’ve co-produced, as well as my first music video. Stubborn is a lot of firsts for me which made it different from my past songs as I’m starting to be able to explore and come into my own as an individual artist. It’s also a lot poppier than the EDM songs I’ve been releasing as a set up for some of the full on pop songs off my upcoming record PARADISE.

Can you describe the concept behind the track?

Stubborn was inspired about the concept of flawed people and how that can come in many shapes and forms. I found myself consistently looking for emotionally unavailable or broken people to date and trying to ‘fix’ them as if such a thing were possible, and I think I kind of did that because it made me feel emotionally whole or something. If I was the one fixing somebody else, that must mean I didn’t need to be fixed but the opposite was true. It’s a song to the people I tried to ‘fix’ which turned out to foundationally be myself. The video further illustrates this as it is an outward conflict between my younger me, present me, and future me.

How would you describe your artistic evolution throughout your career?

I’m definitely still in the baby stages, but in the past year and a half I’ve been releasing music I can see that I am growing quite quickly and I feel like it’s teaching me how to be confident in myself as an artist. I spent most of the past year writing tons as a topliner so I got to try out writing about a wide variety of topics and seeing what resonates with me and “catch my vibe”. I was really nervous recording this album, I was equally nervous making the music videos, and then even more terrified about putting them out especially as an independent artist with all of my own money and efforts on the line. Now that I’ve done it once though, I feel way more comfortable and I’ve begun planning my second album and I feel a lot more excitement about it because I feel like this laid the ground work for me to try everything for the first time and get my bearings and now I get to get weird and really dive into detail about everything that fascinates me and thrills me in the creative and emotional realms.

What’s been the biggest change in your life over the past year?

Over the past year, I went from 0 monthly listeners to 800 000. I went from having 0 fans to having a little following of people I don’t actually know from my real life that are super kind and supportive to me and it really means a lot. The biggest fear I have in this career is that I am dedicating and sacrificing a lot to do this, and for a long time, that never paid off in any way, shape or form, but it’s finally starting to and it’s given me hope that this a feasible career for me. I think that has overall been the biggest change in the past year because before this past year I never thought I’d actually be able to get anywhere in music and I never thought I’d be able to succeed past where I currently am but now I have hope and belief that I can and in myself as an artist.

What song by another artist do you wish you had written?

Oh man so many. Right now it’s a tie between Shameless by Camila Cabello and Crazier Things by Chelsea Cutler.

And finally, where can readers keep up with what you are doing?

Instagram and Youtube @iamriell is where I live the most on the Internet.

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