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Published on May 4th, 2020 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Who Is Ayisi?

Back story – Best known under the pseudonym A.I., Ayisi is no stranger to the game; his brilliance, voice and sound quality have always been on the cards. Currently signed to A-Konnekt Music, Immanuel Kwadwo Ayisi Oware is undisputedly one of Ghana’s finest artists. It’s bizarre to to peg him as a ”one genre” act due to his vast scope and musical ingenuity. Consequently, he’s best known for his authenticity, soulfulness and infectiousness. Don’t be fooled, he’s no slouch at lyricism either. In May of 2014, the International Songwriting Competition (ISC); a widely recognized and prestigious annual contest held at Nashville, Tennessee in the USA named Ayisi as one of its 2013 winners. He attained this feat with his song ‘Anger Management’ which attained #1 in the Hip-Hop/R&B category.

Ayisi recently released what could be called an essential song from his body of work entitled “Prayer”. Sonically, ‘Prayer’ bears an uplifting motif which will definitely resonate among many; after all, ”We’ve come this far with prayer’. Vocals are jubilant and delivery energetic, with Ayisi giving turns to English, Patois and Twi through the entire course of the song. Altogether, ‘Prayer’ is an audio experience you wouldn’t want to miss out on and has the knack to keep you smashing the replay button.

The Hype Magazine got Ayisi to weigh in on a few things

From the outside looking in, who is Ayisi?

Ayisi is my name and I’m a recording artist at Akonnekt Music. Cancer born, loves music, and likes to be left the hell alone. Also loves women, within reason of course.

What brought you to the entertainment industry, music specifically?

Writing and making songs for leisure at first. It was the therapy of saying what was on my mind at first and understanding myself. Later, this habit of writing my thoughts down I channeled into making songs and got recognition for it later.

What do you want people to get from your music?

Whatever they need from it. Mostly, I want them to feel what I’m feeling and I try to do that with words and melody which is not much lol but I get close to the truth every now and then. Per the subject of the song, I want people to feel what I feel or close to it.

Tell us about your current project.

What do you know wanna know? Pretty vague no? Lol. What can I say, I’m still recording of course, and haven’t come up with a title for the project I’m working on yet but that comes to me when it comes to me, eventually. I have a couple of features here and there also, linked up with some very good producers and so yeah, badaboom badabing. Number of songs so far? Ion know, who’s counting anyway?

For new listeners, what song of yours would you pick as an introduction to you as an artist?

Oh wow… errrm. How old are these new listeners and what are they going through, their moods, I just might have something for them lol. 

Tell us a bit about your work and passions OUTSIDE of music…

Travel, travel, travel. I wanna see places before I die lol. I recently have come to love motorbikes and have learned how to ride one yes, proud. I like soccer also but not like I used to. I wanna have a marijuana dispensary (legal) too, a very useful one. Videography interests me nowadays I’ve come to realize and might wanna be in a movie anytime soon. I still like to write shit on my mind down just for just for… Maybe a book might be coming soon, who knows. I learned to swim a bit too which is cool because I don’t wanna go out like that, drowning. Terrified of it lol. I guess my passions are still being found out as I experiment with other things.

Last but not least, HYPE wants to know…What’s your CRAZIEST “Where they do that at?!” aka WTF?! moment…

Lol aww fuck, lemme see. I’ve had cops stop me before, search me, asked me who I was and all that crap, told them, went on YouTube, got recognized by my videos and songs, was asked to sing some of the songs and these fucking cops circle round me and one by one, I did songs for them. At first, it was cool but I had shit to do too and I don’t like cops very much. God has a weird sense of humor. PS… They didn’t find anything and I have a slightly different opinion on cops now, everybody needs the church.


Stay up to date with Ayisi by following his socials for more news about upcoming releases and more.

TWITTER: @the_ayisi
INSTAGRAM: @the_ayisi

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