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Published on June 4th, 2020 | by Marilyn Reles


Getting To Know Beloved R&B Artist: Demarious Cole

Beloved R&B artist Demarious Cole is back with his hit “All In”. Hailing from Huntsville, Alabama, Demarious comes from a family of singers, musicians and ministers. The self-taught artist says that creativity is in his blood. Fortunate enough to be paired with a team of dancers and choreographers, Demarious has set the bar with his performances, offering a unique style to the stage. Citing Usher and Chris Brown as influences, he has certainly taken notes from their unmatched talents. “I think my biggest take away from both, is that Chris with his melodies and cadences being able to blend R&B and Hip Hop makes him universal almost the same with Usher coming before him being able to blend different styles together from the old school R&B smoothness to the hip hop Atlanta dance feel, puts them both into a category of being the most talented artists in the world.” says Demarious.

His new single “All In” is about going after every situation in life and pursuing it to your absolute fullest. In other words, “going all in”. The track sets the mood for any situation. With its smooth summer vibe, “All In” embraces old school R&B with new school melodic hip hop. To dive in deeper, Demarious explains that the song is about him wanting to show a woman that he was with at the time, that he was truly ‘all in’ it with her. It’s about fearlessly proving his commitment in a creative, danceable way.

Having performed in major cities all over the United States, Demarious has opened for Chris Brown, Ludacris, the TGT tour (Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank), Kid Ink and Mindless Behavior. He’s also had the opportunity to work closely with Grammy-nomiated producer Josh M16 Banks. Recognized for his confident attitude, Demarious has been compared to Usher and Chris Brown, proving the strong influence they’ve had on his music. He shares that one time when he opened for Chris Brown in Biloxi, Mississippi, he was given the opportunity to perform in front of one of the biggest audiences he’s ever performed for. When he was up there on stage, he could hear all of the women screaming for him – he describes it as one of the most incredible moments of his life.

He recognizes the devastation that 2020 has brought devastation to America…and it’s not even July! Praying that we can all come together and stand up for what is right with this world, he strongly believes that we need to bring love back into our music. As leaders of the culture, he urges artists to pull together to strengthen their influence. Party music is cool but, it’s not going to move the needle in terms of creating a long lasting effect on people. Feeling the impact of racism now more than ever before, he stresses the need to come together and one way to do that is music. We need to lead with our hearts, through our art.

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