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Published on July 7th, 2020 | by Darren Paltrowitz


ROKiT Phones Co-Founder Jonathan Kendrick On Telemedicine, Virtual Care & More

ROKiT Telemedicine is part of ROKiT Group, a global company, offering revolutionary technology and services. ROKiT Telemedicine itself is powered by MeMD and provides immediate access to a virtual consultation with a certified medical professional. ROKiT Telemedicine physicians are all highly-trained and experienced and are able to give customers a proper consultation and advice via smartphone, beyond having the ability to give treatment options for minor conditions and ailments such as the flu, sinus infections and respiratory infections. Should prescriptions be needed after the proper diagnosis has been given via Telemedicine, medicines can be sent directly to the patient’s pharmacy of choice; consumers are also able to get up to 80 percent savings on a variety of pharmacy items.

ROKiT was founded by business innovator and philanthropist John-Paul DeJoria and entrepreneur Jonathan Kendrick. I had the pleasure of doing Q&A with Kendrick about ROKiT Telemedicine, as shown below. More on ROKiT Telemedicine can be found at

How would you describe the app to someone who hasn’t used it yet?

Jonathan Kendrick: Our ROKiT Telemedicine app provides immediate access to a virtual consultation with a medical professional where users are given treatment options for minor conditions and ailments such as the flu, sinus infections, headaches, eye infections, and much more.

What are the requirements to use the app? You don’t need insurance, right?

Jonathan Kendrick: No requirements are necessary and it’s easily accessible and available via web or as a free app for any mobile phone user. It can be downloaded via the iTunes App Store and Google Play for Android store.

What’s so great about the ROKiT telemedicine service is that you don’t need insurance. Instead, consumers pay a monthly subscription fee of just $9.99. And all virtual doctor visits cost just $38 per visit, compared to an average cost of $176 for an urgent care visit.

Are there ways to get discounts on the app through having insurance or being part of a larger organization?

Jonathan Kendrick: Currently, we provide telemedicine solutions for small-and-mid-size businesses. If those businesses expressed interest in wanting to create some kind of affordable solution for their employees, we’d work with them on coming up with a plan that benefits all parties.

And where do the doctors and medical professionals on the app come from?

Jonathan Kendrick: Our ROKiT Telemedicine app is powered through MeMD and the consultations are conducted with a board-certified medical professional, with an average of 16 years of professional experience. They all typically go through a rigorous vetting process to make sure we provide all our customers the highest quality advice and treatment.

Does Telemedicine have plans to incorporate any COVID-19-related treatments or related consultation?

Jonathan Kendrick: Obviously, COVID can’t be diagnosed over the phone, but if the user describes symptoms in-line with the disease, the physician can offer recommendations as to whether or not that person should be tested. And for those who think they already contracted COVID, they can be referred to a location in their area for the antibody test.

When did you first become familiar with over-the-app medicine?

Jonathan Kendrick: We’ve been aware of Telemedicine and have been working with MeMD since 2016, because it’s something we’ve felt very strongly about for some time. At ROKiT, we like to say we’re a “people-first” company, because I firmly believe in a brand that prioritizes making a difference in the world over merely selling a product. It’s widely reported that over 40 million Americans don’t have health insurance and we believe access to affordable healthcare is a right not a privilege, so we wanted to be able to offer people easy and affordable access to health care.

Telemedicine is a vital tool and given the current global health crisis, it is more important now than ever that people can get advice and a treatment plan from their homes. So to help people avoid having to visit the doctor’s office, clinic or urgent care, I wanted to extend our existing service so it’s accessible for everyone, not just our current ROKiT phone customers.

Are there any perks you feel that your Telemedicine offers that other app-based medical solutions don’t?

Jonathan Kendrick: As previously mentioned, users don’t need insurance to access our telemedicine services and if a prescription is needed, it can be sent directly to the pharmacy of the users choice and get up to 80% in savings. If you don’t have an insurance plan, our subscription and service is still cheaper, and we’re HIPAA compliant.

Finally, Jonathan, any last words for the kids?

Jonathan Kendrick: Listen, we don’t see COVID going away anytime soon and for those who are concerned about venturing into doctor’s offices for minor colds or other ailments, our telemedicine app is a much-needed resource!

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