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The Abbie Knights Show Discusses Rick Ross, Da Baby, Trey Songz and Super Bowl LVI Half Time Show on Latest Episode

A brand-new episode of  The Abbie Knights Show is AVAILABLE NOW. In the latest episode of “TAKS”, Abbie Knights, DJ Cadence, and Jenny Ruby discuss Rick Ross buying a new cow, Da Baby getting sued by Dani Leigh’s brother, Trey Songz getting sued for $20 million by a woman who claims he sexually assaulted her at 2016 party, leaving her with injuries so severe she required medical attention, Super Bowl LVI Half Time Show and COVID-19 vaccine, are you pro-vaccine or pro-choice?

Some highlights from this episode include:

  • Jenny Ruby and DJ Cadence get into an intense discussion about COVID-19 precautions, preventions, and pro-vaccine or pro-choice:
    • Jenny Ruby: “My body my choice means that I have the right to choose what I would like to put inside my body or take out. If someone is vaccinated you can still get someone else sick. Your choice is to take care of your body by getting vaccinated.”
    • Dj Cadence: “I think your body your choice is ridiculous like we’re talking about STDs, it’s my body my choice, if I decide to get an STD and give it to you, it’s my body my choice?”
    • Abbie Knights: “First of all when you get the vaccine you can still give [COVID] to someone, so you getting the vaccine is really making the choice to protect yourself. Let’s be real, this is like when you go sleep with somebody and you know there’s a chance you could catch something, you’re going to wear your protection, have a good time and keep it “pushing”. It’s the same thing to me with COVID, you go outside you’re trying to have a good time, you can choose to use protection or not. In other words choose to wear a mask or not, choose to get vaccinated or not, leave yourself exposed or [not]. But it’s a decision that I feel like we can all make individually, because if it comes down to the same thing everyone should stop sleeping with each other, and everyone should stop going outside, and then the world will be a great place. No one will ever get any STDs and no one will ever get any contagious illnesses like COVID.”

About The Abbie Knights Show:

Abbie Knights is the host/creator of TAKS with a current listenership of 200,000+. She is a bilingual multi-talent, with over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Her shows have previously ranked top 20 in 12 countries, earning over a million listeners, and have also earned credits on major feature films like Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. The Abbie Knights Show, also known as “TAKS” (pronounced “talks”), is a mixed topic, positive format radio show, with celebrity interviews and co-hosts, DJ Ria, Jenny Ruby, and mix Dj/co-host, Dj Cadence.

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