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Published on August 15th, 2020 | by Guest Contributor


Cosmic Boulevard: On the Rise

Cosmic Boulevard is a Chilean electronic dance music duo, formed by Joaquin & Esteban. Since 2017 they’ve making music, stretching bonds, and developing their unique sound. Between the two combined, they sum up over 12 years of experience between DJing and producing music. Their music influences come from artists such as: Daft Punk, Disclosure, AB Logic, Stevie Wonder, Rick James, Barry White, Giorgio Moroder and the following genres: House, Deep House, Future House, Funk, Indie, Alternative, Disco, Rhythm & Blues.

As of 2020, they have just released their first EP titled ”Take Me”, which includes four tracks, followed by a single in which one of the members will showcase his vocal skills. In addition, they have multiple collaborations, official remixes and other projects in the works. Eager to find out more of what the group has to offer, the duo stopped by earlier this Summer to share their plans for the future, their past, and everything in between.


What is the inspiration behind your new record “Take Me”?

”Take Me”’, ”U will always”, ”Runnin” and ”Need U” were all made in 2019, with the idea of all being energetic future house tracks, with their unique identities. We love deep and warped voices, so we try to play with that in this EP. As the lyrics says, we would like to take you to paradise every time you heard our tracks. We tried to make simple lyrics, so the focus would be on the melodies.

What made you discover your passion for creating an eclectic blend of your own sound? What places in your mind do you channel to craft your songs?

For both of us, music showed up early in our lives, and we have been friends for a long time now, and we share a very similar taste in music, so when we decided to become a duo, it was precisely because of that, to create fresh music, with our own unique sound. We sometimes try to find inspiration in our favorite artists, sometimes it just gets to us when we are working, sometimes in a vivid dream, you know, inspiration comes from multiple sources.Sometimes we are just inspired, and things flow naturally, other times we just have to chill out, cook some food, put our work in pause and come back refreshed. We always have good times at the Studio.

What is the meaning behind the album’s title and what meaning does it hold for you?

We would like to take you to paradise, as the lyrics say. For us, making our own music feels like a journey to a different place, that’s the meaning of our Name as a band, ‘’Cosmic Boulevard’’ which means a passage to a different moment or place, to make you feel like traveling to a different location, rather in time or space, to anywhere you desire in the whole cosmos.

What are your favorite venues to perform at? and if you had to choose, do you feel more comfortable in the studio or onstage, and why?

We travelled to the States earlier this year (first time), we planned on staying for 2 or 3 months, but we just stayed for a month, because of COVID. We had a couple shows ready for us, but we didn’t get to play so we didn’t really get to know any venues over there. But anyways, we think our favorite place to play at is EDC Vegas, Paradiso, Tomorrowland, we’ll get there eventually! And for the clubs, we would love to play every venue we can! Every instance is a good opportunity to get our music heard to a bigger audience.

Regarding the second question, we feel comfortable both in the studio and on stage, we enjoy both in different ways, in the studio is a more calm and intimate atmosphere, and when we are live, it’s a more energetic and powerful experience.

How do you create your songs? What is the process like? Does it take you days, weeks, even longer? How does the perfect piece come together?

We usually start playing some random chords on various synthesizers, then trying one shots, then creating lyrics or voices. We try to make the core of the song, then replicate it or make a new drop/progressive part, and then fill the gaps with the outro/intro, it’s a very fun process for us. Sometimes we finish tracks in a day, sometimes it takes more, but average 10 or so studio-hours, (without mastering, of course).

The perfect piece always comes out of nowhere, most of the time we are just trying stuff, and the perfect sound/melody comes to us. Then, with a lot of work and love, we will have a perfect piece.

How did you create a sound throughout time that is so uniquely your own? What defines your sound to you?

We didn’t have a sound of our own at first, we were just two good friends having fun making music, but throughout a lot of trial and error we managed to get our actual sound, which is a beautiful mixture between House, Deep, Pop, and occasionally some Indie elements.

Our sound can be defined by its energetic progressive chords, heavy and groovy basslines, deep and warped voices, and fresh melodies.

What do you hope you accomplish musically as we head further into 2020?

We hope we can grow our listening audience, release more songs, we have a lot of new music stored in our studio, a couple of Radio-style House, and some heavy bassline progressive house tracks, that we aim to launch this year with a couple of lyric music videos.

We always try to release our songs independently, but if the opportunity of releasing in a major label that agrees to our own terms, we will probably take it.


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