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Published on September 1st, 2020 | by Dj Smoke


Jake Exavier – Lost in Our Love

Soulful vocals take center stage on new R&B album from Jake Exavier ‘On My Way’ 

At only 23 years old, Jake Exavier is a bona fide star. This gifted singer/songwriter is a pioneer in the industry whose sound is best described as a throwback, old-school vibe with an urban edge. It’s a sound that takes center stage on his new album, “On My Way,” which is currently available across all streaming platforms.  

With a distinct R&B vibe that shows off skillful lyricism, catchy hooks and harmonies that will resonate with a diverse audience, “On My Way” is a project that explores all the ins and outs of relationships and love. He uses his talent to talk about things that everyone can relate to, with a vibe that fully embraces that feeling of eager anticipation that comes when you’re mere moments before getting to be with the one you love the most – “when you’re on your way to see your significant other and you’re so in love with them that you always want to be around them.” 

The debut single from the project, “Lost in our Love,” is a perfect example of this soulful singer’s talent. Starting off with a bouncy beat emphasized by stylized synthesizers, Jake’s soaring vocals come in and break the heart with their soulful sound. The Pop and R&B fusion of sound creates a sway that’s perfect for spending time with a significant other. 

“It’s about wanting to embrace the positive side of a relationship,” he said. “It’s about always wanting to be around someone and being lost in the connection that the two of you have. Like most of my songs, it started with the beat and the vibe I got from listening to it. When I find a beat I like, I get in the car and ride with it for a while. I’ll usually end up writing it while I’m driving or maybe parked somewhere. And I usually like to take influences frothe situations I’m going through or by someone I know. Mostly, I talk about relationships because I really like to talk about love.” 

Growing up in Zachary, Louisiana – a small town not far from New Orleans – Jake developed a love for music at an early age. Even as a young child, music was his top priority. He was drawn to legends like Usher, Chris Brown and Ne-Yo. And from the very beginning, he used their influences to create music that people could feel. In 2014, at only age 16, he performed and twice won first place at The Apollo Theater, and he hasn’t looked back since. He has performed to large crowds at the Voodoo Festival and the Lil WeezyAna Festival, and has returned to perform at The Apollo. 

Today he records under the label Oaks Way Recordings, and he’s excited for a new wave of fans around the world to check out his new album. Videos for “Lost in our Love” and another hot single from the project, “Viral,” are set to be released in the next couple of weeks.  

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