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Published on September 1st, 2020 | by Dj Smoke


Tim Wolf – Born In South Dakota

 Alt Rocker Tim Wolf pays homage to home state with hot new single ‘Born in South Dakota’ 

 Sounds of South Dakota take center stage with the new single from Alt Rock artist Tim Wolf. “Born in South Dakota” is yet another standout jam from Wolf who has been building a career as a musician for the past five years after leaving his successful businesses behind and moving to Nashville to pursue his dreams. With singles like “Castle Built of Cards,” “Shot Down,” “I Need You Back Into My Life,” “Let Me Down Slow” and “Million Lonely Hearts,” Wolf has been steadily dropping a stream of successful songs that have drawn rave reviews from industry insiders and fans alike. 

Now with “Born in South Dakota,” Wolf takes listeners on a journey back to his home state and the rich history that makes both his own life and that of the people of that area so intriguing. Co-written with fellow artist Jimmy Davis, the song uses the infamous Wild Bill Hickok and his untimely death in Deadwood, South Dakota as the foundation for a song that celebrates the state while giving listeners an upbeat and fun vibe. 

“When we got together to write, I started asking what South Dakota is famous for,” Wolf said. “Most people would say Mt. Rushmore and Deadwood are the two claims to fame, the latter being where Wild Bill Hickok was shot. Most people know he was playing poker and had AA-88, which is not known as the Dead Man’s Hand because of him. A lot of people also know that Calamity Jane was in love with him and that they’re buried side-by-side in Deadwood Cemetery. That’s a very interesting story that we tried to incorporate into the song while expanding on it. Almost all of my songs are about one or two topics – relationships and motivational things. And when you write, you just have to be emotionally honest and put in the hard work. I think this song shows all of that.” 

Wolf hasn’t always been dedicated to music. In fact, he spent most of his life as a successful businessman and entrepreneur. He’s worked in some of the world’s biggest cities – from Manhattan to Tokyo – and was at one point CEO of a multimillion-dollar company. His family also owned a lot of farmland in South Dakota, and he was dedicated to continuing his family’s legacy. But one day, a friend walked into his office and got in his face about making music. 

“It was so uncharacteristic of him to get in my face, but he was on a mission when he came in that day,” Wolf said of his friend. “We were never aggressive or that assertive in our interactions, and we never had that kind of a conversation about music or making different decisions. But he just walked in and said, ‘What are you doing?’ I struggled with my destiny for years, but when my friend came in, it felt like he had a mission from God. He pushed me to pursue music because he knew I was good at it and it was the thing I cared about the most. I decided to make a change. And even though there’s a mantra in the farming business that you should never sell land, that’s exactly what I did. And I took that money and moved to Nashville and started investing in my music.” 

That was in 2015 and since then, Wolf has been building a fanbase that continues to grow all over the world. With “Born in South Dakota,” that fanbase is set to take another big jump forward. The song is scheduled to drop on Sept. 4 and will be available across all streaming platforms. 

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Triller:  @thetimwolf 

“Castle Built of Cards” 



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