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Published on November 9th, 2020 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Sports Teams or Music Lessons: Which Is Better for Kids?

Every parent should want their child involved in some extracurricular activities. It will help them explore different interests and find their passion. Plus, it will keep them busy and off their screens. 

When brainstorming activities for kids, sports teams and music lessons are two popular options. But how do you know which is the right one for your child? 

In this guide, we go over the benefits of sports teams and music lessons to help you decide. 


Three Factors to Help You Decide Between Sports and Music

Consider the following factors to help you with your decision: 

  1. Accessibility

Before enrolling your child in an activity, make sure they can commit to it.

For instance, if your child is doing a sports team, they can make most practices and games. You’ll want to pick a league with days and times that work with your schedule. 

And, if your child is doing music lessons, be sure to pick a flexible studio. According to piano teachers at LVLMusicAcademy, you should have in-studio, in-home, and online music lesson choices. 

  1. Cost

When putting your child in either of these activities, expect to shell out some money. 

Sports teams come with lots of costs. You’ll have to pay membership and travel fees. You’ll also have to set aside money for equipment, uniforms, etc. 

Getting your child to play an instrument, however, won’t be any cheaper. You’ll have to pay for music lessons, the instrument and its upkeep, etc. 

Ultimately, both activities will cost around the same. Don’t make cost your primary consideration as it’s more important to find something that engages your child.

  1. Your Child’s Interests

When choosing the right activity, paying attention to your child’s interests is the best thing you can do. This consideration will ensure that they enjoy the activity. If they don’t, they’ll be miserable, and you’ll be wasting your money. 

To test the waters, consider putting them on a sports team and in music lessons. Choose a sport and an instrument that seems to pique their interest. See which one they gravitate towards more. After a month or so, you can pull them out of the activity they don’t like as much.

And, if they end up liking both, even better! You’ll be happy to see that your child is well-rounded and excited about different activities. 

The Benefits of Sports Teams

One of the most obvious benefits of sports teams is exercise. Your child will stay active by doing drills and playing in games. 

Sports teams also offer plenty of other benefits. By being on one, your child will learn about healthy competition. They’ll learn discipline and gain experience with winning and losing. They’ll also:

  • Realize the importance of hard work 
  • Recognize how to be a team player and communicate with others
  • Learn how to create and work towards goals

The Benefits of Music Lessons

It probably won’t surprise you that music lessons offer many of the same benefits as sports teams. 

Music might not be as intense as physical exercise, but it is still physically demanding. It requires lots of discipline. Through playing an instrument, your child will improve their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. 

Music lessons will also allow your child to: 

  • Collaborate with their teacher and peers
  • Explore their creative side
  • Improve their language and reasoning skills
  • Express their emotions

Bottom Line

As you can see, both sports teams and music lessons offer plenty of benefits. So, which one is more suitable for your child?

Hopefully, this guide will help you make the right decision for your child. As long as you keep their interests in mind, you really can’t go wrong with either sports teams or music lessons. Both are fun, engaging activities that will help your child thrive!

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