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Published on December 16th, 2020 | by Dj Smoke


Holiday The Golden Child – Features

A new era of female Rap: Holiday The Golden Child releases a mixtape and single highlighting women empowerment

New York – An up-and-coming female Rap icon and ridiculously talented musician, Holiday The Golden Child is taking over the Rap scene with two new releases — a mixtape named “The Makeover” and her latest single “FEATURES.” Both discuss the hardships of making it big as a woman in a hyper masculine industry like Rap, and the rights of women to express themselves however they see fit, no matter who they are.

Holiday started her music career as a poet. She found herself using poetry as an outlet for her emotions, something that helped greatly after the passing of her father and after several different experiences and career changes. She found herself drawn to Hip Hop. “I went from just writing one song to learning how to hone in my craft and understanding how to compose a song, what a verse was and what a bar was and things like that.” From those beginnings, she has continued to work on her skills and grow as an artist.

Inspiration for Holiday and her music comes from her life and experiences. “I’ve got a hard head. I’ve learned the hard knock life, from being out in the streets, becoming a stripper, from living in the suburbs, having that good girl lifestyle and to go into the hood and learning what it’s like on the other side.” Being able to see both sides of the spectrum gives her a new perspective and allows for Holiday to reach a greater and more versatile range of people through her music.

Through those influences and a variety of other things, Holiday has crafted a sound that is uniquely her own. Holiday’s music has a contemporary Hip Hop feel to it. Her lyrics have a fun and easy feel to them, and are always relatable. Specifically in her new single “FEATURES,” she shines with artistic lyricism and an overall amazing song.

“FEATURES” is an exciting new track where Holiday discusses the importance of being attractive and well off in the Hip Hop industry. Not only is the song beautifully done with an intricate string piece that overlays an electric beat, it holds a strong message that is extremely important to today’s climate. In 1.36 minutes, she brings light to a variety of things that this industry finds almost if not more important than the music that artists make. This is especially true for women, something Holiday as well as many of the other powerhouse women in the Hip Hop industry have attested to.

Holiday’s new mixtape, “The Makeover,” is essentially a collection of tracks that discuss the power that women have in the music industry and how that differs from the power of men in the same position. It truly pays homage to the evolution of women in Rap as it remakes the hits that defined several instrumental movements.  “The music is dedicated to the female pioneers in the game who have paved the way for me to do what I’m doing, so I felt it was only right for me to pay homage to them and give them, and the world, the music that we all love so much.” These tracks are essentially a salute to the female rapper and everything that she has had to go through to get to where she wants to be.

With experience in the sex work industry as well as the work that she’s done in the world of Hip Hop, Holiday is no stranger to the issues and disadvantages that women face in today’s world. She recounts several problematic realities of being a woman in Rap. “If you bat your eyes too hard or you say thank you too sweetly or you respond too quickly and a man doesn’t take it the right way, you may lose your position in that room.” One of Holiday’s main goals is to work her way up in the industry to get to a point where she has enough power to not have to worry about what she says, how she looks, and whose favor she has when she walks into a room. “There are very few women in positions, running labels that have a say in things. Unfortunately, one of the big things is that to gain power, you have to be attractive. Sex sells.”

Because of everything that Holiday has gone through and triumphed over, she stands in a particularly advantageous spot as one of the few powerful women capable of taking the throne as one of the next queens of Hip Hop, a coveted title that she is undoubtedly built for.

Be sure to check out the new single “FEATURES” and the gorgeous music video that has recently been released alongside it. You can find Holiday The Golden Child and her music on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud and BET Jams. Also check her out on the podcast 8atthetable which can be found on YouTube and IGTV.



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