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Published on April 17th, 2021 | by Marilyn Reles


De Royce Releases Hot New Visual Titled ‘XCAPE’

De Royce is a seductive R&B singer that is much needed in the music industry. He has a classic energy, the very reason why BET Jams and MTV Spankin’ New took such a liking to his previous music visual “Groove” featuring rappers Jay Dutch and BiiG Dreams. The track’s Caribbean sound and hard hitting beat makes it impossible not to thoroughly enjoy.

The Queens, New York native wholeheartedly believes in staying true to himself. “Get in tune or stay off my frequency,” states the extremely talented singer. He protects his energy at all costs.

If you’re looking for a single to take you to a happy high spirited place, De Royce’s newest up-tempo music video, “XCAPE,” is it. He’s taking out the last bag of trash at his janitorial job when a special set of headphones transport him to a phosphorescence dance club. The moves are in sync, as well as the chemistry flowing throughout the dancefloor.

The singer scores a lucky night with his love interest for the evening, or so he thinks. “I came here to dance, so baby, take my hand / Don’t be shy,” De Royce sings. The vixen does exactly that and summons him to the hot and steamy bedroom. The plot twist is when the handcuffs used to chain him to the bed has nothing to do with receiving high pleasure. With a phone call made, another mysterious woman enters with a chainsaw, you can imagine what happens next!

De Royce wakes from his wild dream in his custodial uniform with supplies in hand. Check out the highly entertaining visual below!

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