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Published on April 17th, 2021 | by Jones


Rothrigo Steps Back Into Adolescence With Debut Album ‘Apple Juice’

After a series of successful debut singles, alternative rock singer-songwriter Rothrigo has released his debut album Apple Juice on April 15. The album is a collection of eleven songs with a common narrative centered around feeling like a teenager and imagining your future self in different situations. “I think it reflects several appreciation moments of innocence before entering or getting close to adulthood,” says Rothrigo. Through the album’s 11 tracks, the Madrid-based artist narrates the experience of growing up and the emotions one experiences through the pivotal stages of adolescence.

The songs on the album vary in style, length, and energy, but they all share a youthful, dreamy, and colorful attitude towards aging. From dreaming about moving into a house with your loved one, forgiving old friends or being immature in love, Rothrigo ends the album with a hopeful, late-60s inspired song to conclude in a high spirited and open message. Sonically, the album is an upbeat and multicolored exploration of 60s and 70s sound. “I am very lucky to finally share my debut album Apple Juice,” says Rothrigo. “It has been an incredibly fun, yet challenging process. I think it has a lot of charm and color – I love how all the songs make sense together.”

Madrid/London-based photographer and singer-songwriter Rothrigo attempts to redefine classic rock in the contemporary DIY musical landscape. His music is still true to the pop standards of the 60s and 70s, while still bringing in a fresh, sunny and cheerful charm. He found his love for creating music when he moved to London about four years ago and found himself feeling very lonely in the city. “I quickly started to write songs and self-produce them, while learning to play all kinds of new instruments,” he says. His stage name ‘Rothrigo’ was invented by a group of five African orphans that his family and housed during the summer of 2016. “Once they went back home, they left us with a couple of post-its with endearing messages, and referred to me as Rothrigo,” he says. “Which I found wonderful and fun, and that name has stuck with me ever since.” The singer-songwriter also finds creativity in photography, with work published in various fashion magazines, including Vogue.

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