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Published on August 26th, 2021 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Musician Tizane Creates Music to Empower Women

When women begin to show what they are truly made of, no one can stop them from reaching a level filled with success. When people begin to let their inner demons work in their favor, they truly enhance their strengths. Isabelle Tizane Sara Miller, professionally known as Tizane, was born on 3 July 2001 in London, England. She has been working on her inner self since she was 15 to pursue music that moves individuals. Having a British nationality, Tizane is a well-known musician, singer, songwriter, and recording producer who has attended North Kent College and completed one year of a music performance course.

Pursuing more than just music

As Tizane was growing up, she had acute anxiety, which made her life difficult, and she was unable to perform in school as her condition prevented her from leaving the house. Tizane began to found solace in music and began to write songs. When an individual feels completely lost and helpless, they want to vent and express themselves. Some people let themselves spiral down once they face failure, yet Tizane found her strength in music and began to self-produce songs that she held close to her heart. Those songs made her land a management deal in 2019 with former Rough Trade boss George Kimpton. When Tizane was creating music when she was a teenager, she could never imagine the magnitude with which her music would inspire people. 

Tizane now has her own recording label, Jiggery Pokery Records, which released her debut album, Cherry, in February 2021. Cherry has been streamed 4 million times on Spotify while Clash Magazine called Tizane ‘The Enfant Terrible’ of Alt-pop. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all the concerts and activities that provide entertainment have been halted, yet this did not affect Tizane’s energy as she continued to work tirelessly on her music. “He Took It All Back” is a song from Cherry about longing and loss that can relate to those who have experienced heartbreak and despair. Overall, the song has a slow tune, yet Tizane’s deep soulful music moves the listener and allows them to feel pain.

A changed perspective

The song “Are You Bad?” is also from the album Cherry, and while listening to it, one can understand the changes and predicaments that one has to experience to truly achieve solitude. “Are You Bad?” is all about fighting the demons that thrive on your fears and insecurities. The song aims to change the perspective of women being victims. Women are deemed as weak and are thought to manipulate when it comes to getting their way. Tizane wants to change this perspective and show the world that women are strong, capable, and can achieve more than their capabilities. As Tizane’s performances are raw, they resonate with her fans. By choosing a life that demands respect and equality, Tizane wants to change the perception that surrounds women.

Women are put in a box and told to limit themselves when they should actually break the glass ceiling and achieve greatness. The world has been biased towards women for generations, and this has made women feel vulnerable. Tizane wants to change how women are perceived as they tend to be classified as the weaker gender. Women are just as skilled and gifted and should be given their rightful place in society. Since she was a girl, Tizane wanted to pursue music that moved her listeners and made them recognize the turmoil and loss when she felt hurt and unwanted. By beginning to process her feelings through music, Tizane has realized that she has the power to move and change the world.

Deriving inspiration from her experiences

As the world faced the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals saw their motivation spiraling down, yet Tizane became stronger than ever and worked on herself. During the release of Cherry, Tizane fought with her mental health and isolation issues that were propelling her to feel weak, yet Tizane did not let any internal issues that she was dealing with affect the schedule of her album. She worked vigorously to complete Cherry and became strong when it began to get positive reviews. She felt motivated when it got appreciated and got critically acclaimed for having the kind of music that was inspiring people. Through her music, Tizane has taken an active stance on discussing her mental health and letting others know that they are not alone. 

Tizane’s music embodies women empowerment and has hues of dark pop as she embodies emotion and depth in her songs. TIzane usually works around all types of music and has evolved and matured with her singing style and abilities. She has proved to be an inspiration for all those struggling with anxiety. Her vision to make herself one of the greatest singers of all time makes her motivated and inspired. Tizane has been a ray of hope for all those who want to feel welcomed and wanted. Tizane has provided an outlet for people to let go and begin their lives again if they falter. When individuals make a pact with themselves that they want to make a difference in the life of others, they tend to accomplish that with full throttle and resilience. 

Tizane has made a powerful impact with her inimitable songs. With all that is going around in the world and the Covid-19 pandemic halting everyone’s lives, Tizane has not let that affect her. She has been strong, and with her new album, Cherry, that Tizane has been working on for years, has been her most prized possession that is close to her heart. Cherry made Tizane believe that she could achieve all that she wanted to accomplish in her life as she has felt that Cherry brought out the raw and vulnerable version of herself that she has protected and hidden for a long time. As Tizane is evolving, she aims to perfect her art and make a difference in those people’s lives who wish to begin again and want to climb the ladder of success.

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