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Published on September 10th, 2021 | by Malcolm “A.S.T.A.T.E” Worsham


Bones – “WhiteBoyRick”

‏With over 20 albums full of clever and cryptic references, Bones always finds a way to be creative. With his latest releases “WhiteBoyRick“, he’s breathing new life into the story of Detroit’s infamous informant turned bad boy. Often hiding his face with effects and distortion, Bones changes it up and steps directly into the light in the video for “WhiteBoyRick,” the latest video to be released off his album InLovingMemory.

After robbing a liquor store of all of its Backwoods, BONES and his crew post up outside to smoke blunts, talk smack, and vibe out to the eerie Question Mark produced beat. BONES then cruises through a fiery parking lot in a tricked out lowrider, sending warning shots to those asking – “BONES, why you kill em all the time with the rhymes? / Too clean with it, mean with it, wanna let em lie / Look into the sky, I’m the one you ask ‘why?’ / I’m the one that let em live, I’m the one that let em die.”

Released in June, InLovingMemory captivated listeners as BONES offered an unfiltered glimpse into his elusive psyche. On tracks like “AnyLastWords,” Bones spits paranoid rhymes over a dark trap beat derived from ’90s Memphis rap, while on songs like “BrandNewExpectations,” the Michigan native bares his soul over spindly guitar hooks inspired by Midwest Emo. Ever the experimenter, BONES saves his biggest swing for last, setting his sights on the dancefloor with the moody “TwasTheDarkestNight,” which mixes a driving 4/4 beat with expansive synths and even a horn section. Featuring production from TeamSESH beatmaker Lyson and many others, InLovingMemory is available everywhere via EMPIRE. Watch his new video “White Boy Rick” below.

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