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Published on September 14th, 2021 | by Dj Smoke


Collin Terrel – F*ck Today

Collin Terrel is 100% honest in new album The Gist of It 

Pursuing a PHD in Media Studies and a career as an artist is more than a full time job, but this Rapper is defying the odds. Collin Terrel is speaking the truth and sharing his abundance of unique experiences with the world in his latest project, an album titled The Gist of It. This project takes you through all of the reasons that Terrel is following the path that he’s on, with insightful lyricism and a unique and extremely relevant perspective. 

The Gist of It delves into important topics ranging from how socio-economic systems have affected Terrel as he grew from a child in a less than ideal situation to an adult pursuing a Doctorate degree, to the importance of self care in a hyper-’woke’ society, all the way to the way we survive in this world. His music fits people of all walks of life in some way or another, truly bringing people together across communities. Terrel truly did an amazing job with creating each and every one of the songs on this album. 

One of the most relevant and conceptually important songs in this project is “Fuck Today”. This track, the lead single on the album, is about taking the time to take care of yourself and not worry about all of the politics and problems in the world. “Everyone uses the word ‘woke’ when they talk about being aware of the things around them, but when you’re ‘woke’ all the time, you’re not getting any sleep. Sometimes I end up exhausted.” “Fuck Today” is Robinson’s way of picturing a day where he can just relax and not deal with the stress that comes from being ‘woke’ all of the time. In the world we all live in today, this is something that so many  struggle with and that we can all take notes on. 

Another noteworthy track on this album that focuses on self care is “Lunch and Recess”. This track goes back to the basics — things we’ve all known since childhood. “This song means a lot to me. These are the two parts of the day when you’re not receiving instruction as a child, but they’re still incredibly important. This is where you learn to interact with people and actually move throughout the world.” These are the times when we really learn who we are as people and develop personalities. “It’s where we learn how to eat and play the game for keeps.” Another amazing track on the album, “Lunch and Recess” is about how we exist in the world, something that virtually everyone can take something from. 

The Gist of It is a project that allowed Terrel to fully express himself, with no limits or commentary from others. It is a place where we as an audience can truly see him for who he is as both a Rapper and a human being. It’s not the only project he has in the works though. He is preparing to release two videos to go along with the album and is already working on a new EP to be released in early 2022. 

Be sure to check out Collin Terrel on all streaming platforms and follow him on social media to keep up with the new music and other projects that he has in store. Links to all of these things can be found listed below. 



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