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Published on September 6th, 2021 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Final Level Music’s M Dot Taylor Continues His Journey With Multiple Top Flight Releases

Once in a while, there comes an artist that you just have to pay attention to. M Dot Taylor from Ice-T’s Final Level Music roster is one of those. We’ve watched him grow and shined a light on this young lion in the past but these last few releases have raised his stock!

We’re gonna kick THIS highlight of the phenom off with the Let Me Know Sumn remix with the living legend Jim Jones which is so cold, it got ANOTHER remix, and this time it includes a rising star by the name of FMB DZ.

Here are the visuals to the original remix!

Next up is Ain’t Going Broke No More which has found strong support from Power 106 LA’s celebrated DJ Carisma and features the rising talents of Fedie Demarco and Payroll Giovanni. The trio spits some real *ish on this joint and it deserves its spot in rotation!

Last but not least is the declaratory joint Runnin Up A Bag which features appearances from Sada Baby and 1200 Slim.


About M Dot Taylor  / RAPPER / SINGER / SONGWRITER   

Often many people who wish to pursue a rap career aren’t able to due to their circumstances. M Dot Taylor is a rapper from Detroit who didn’t start out with the best situations. Even with this, he still managed to overcome challenges and pursue his dreams as a successful rapper.

Everything started in Detroit, Michigan where M Dot Taylor was born. He was dealt a rough hand as his mother passed away when he was only 12 years of age, and his father at the age of 23, This was difficult for the young artist but he soon found an outlet that helped him overcome his circumstances. That came in the form of writing music for M Dot Taylor as he used that to keep himself busy through his teenage years.

Moving forward, M Dot Taylor decided to enlist in the navy and give 5 years of his life to serve his country. While some would consider this lost time, M Dot Taylor progressed as a rapper even further from it. He said, “After giving 5 years of my life to that, I realize the music industry is dominated by the artists that work the hardest. So I use that as fuel to go hard in every aspect in life, not just music”. With this experience, the rapper came back even harder and now is passing other artists due to his strict work ethic learned in the service.

M Dot Taylor has now been killing the game working with Ice T & Hen Gee, doing song collaborations with Jim Jones, IceWearVezzo, Sada Baby, FMB+DZ, and Payroll Giovanni, to name a few. Additionally, M Dot Taylor has wasted no time networking and building his team. He is now very well connected internationally. He expands his name by keeping his eyes and ears open, connecting with those that can be an asset towards assisting in his travels toward the top.

With all of the prior setbacks, M Dot Taylor has shown his resilience by sticking through and continuing his music even when things were difficult. The rapper has even turned negative into positive now is becoming the next big name to surface in Detroit, Michigan.

You can find M Dot Taylor online everywhere!

Oh yeah…before I let you go, let’s go on and Tap In with one of the joints that helped him cross over…featuring the boss himself Ice-T…yup!

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