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Published on September 22nd, 2021 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Hip Hop Legend Twista Releases Concept EP “Shooter Ready” to Promote Gun Safety Awareness and Education

Anybody with any sense is tired of the same *ish when it comes to Hip Hop and gun violence. We have so many idiots with guns, not just in Hip Hop, that the world is becoming purge like and the powers that be, especially one sector of our country’s lawmakers, refuses to budge on gun reform. Welp, Twista is using his considerable platform to speak out, as we all should, about the effects and affect of the gun violence so rampant in our streets. Check out the official line below on his new project Shooter Ready:

It is no secret that Hip Hop music and guns have always been a very touchy subject. And with gun violence running rampant across the country, and the news of mass shootings becoming the norm, the very last thing one would think we needed was another album celebrating guns. But “Shooter Ready”, the latest 7 track EP from Hip Hop legend and Chicago native Twista is NOT that kind of album, and it may be just what we need to address what is happening in our streets

“These ain’t your typical gun bars. Shooter Ready is a project we created to discuss firearms from a perspective that you’ve never heard before. When people talk about guns, its usually from a negative place, but through this album we coming to bring you positive things, like gun safety, how to protect yourself and your loved ones, and guns from the competitive and sporting aspects.”   

Having earned the unfortunate nickname, “Chi-Raq” due to the excessive amount of gun violence seen on its streets, the people of Chicago have been in a decades long fight to stop senseless killings. Twista believes that much of what is to blame is a lack of proper education and awareness around the subject of fire arms. A certified weapons instructor, and competitive shooter, the arena from which the project gets its name, Twista hopes to evangelize the importance of reshaping the narrative around guns in a way to help promote the proper use and licensing  

“There’s no question that a gun in the hands of the wrong person is a danger to our society. The goal is to protect our 2nd Amendment rights, while promoting legal guns and the responsibility that comes with it. Gun culture has another side to it. There’s the competitive nature that many are not aware of, along with the protection, safety and educational aspects that I’m hoping this project sheds light on. I also want to begin discussing the mental health issues that people suffer from that result in the abuse of fire arms. My goal is to reverse the stigma and urgently address the need for safety.”

Over beats that shine underneath the flows and cadences that have ushered him into the Hip Hop legendary hall of fame, Twista uses this music to further solidify his legacy. Not just as a masterful MC, but also that of an OG, who cares about the future of his beloved city, and hopes to educate to protect.

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