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Published on October 8th, 2021 | by Jones


Britt Devens Uses Platform to Raise Awareness for Mental Health in New EP ‘Back To Me’

Britt Devens is re-emerging in the music scene with a new perspective on life in her upcoming EP, Back To Me, which raises awareness for mental health. Amongst the many messages that Devens portrays with this album, ”take care of you” is the predominant theme as she uses her music and lyrics to promote self-care and self-love. As someone who has learned to adapt to panic and anxiety disorders, Devens is using her platform to help empower others to ask for help and to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and addiction. Back To Me is about just that…. finding the courage to ask for help, prioritizing self-care, and reassurance that finding love and recovery is possible.

With music and a voice that is often described as distinctly rich, gently emotive, and lyrically moving, Devens’ music serves as a therapeutic release for her and, she hopes, for her listeners as well. In the vein of Brandi Carlile, Devens’ distinct voice pulls listeners in as she shares her stories and creates a safe space for others who might be feeling the same emotions that she has experienced in her own life. “The album is about moving back home and trusting that there will be a brighter day when these Colorado winters seem so damn long… and to not just crawl back in bed and hide from the darkness,” says Devens. “It’s about knowing someone, somewhere out there has already been in some of life’s toughest situations and things did get better. That returning to your old, favorite self can be done…it’s about healing, and then finally smiling again with those that you love the most.” A reassurance to anyone currently struggling, Back To Me shows that recovery and finding love again IS possible and that all you need is within you, put your trust in your breath, and take it one day at a time.

For local Front Range Colorado listeners, Devens will present a series of captivating EP release shows. See the details for each below:

Globe Hall – Thursday, October 14th – w/ELLSWORTH

Monkey Barrel – Saturday, October 16th 

Avogadro’s Number – Sunday, Oct 17th

Number 38 – Friday, Oct 22nd

Britt Devens is a sober, LGBTQ-friendly musician who writes songs about hope, heartbreak, and recovery. A native of Fort Collins, CO, Devens uses her music to explore the vulnerabilities of her own experiences in life and to remind her audience of the importance of self-care. Championing a message of taking care of yourself – both mentally and physically – Devens’ music is for people who can relate to a struggle but still continue to have hope for a brighter day. Open about her own experiences, Devens is able to perform without using any substances… something that allows her to speak her absolute truth and share her vulnerability through the intimate lyrics and songs that she creates. Strong, emotive vocals complement her unique guitar style, making her a real standout in a sea of singer-songwriters. “If just one person can resonate with my music, then I will have given back hope like music has given me hope through some of my hardest times.”

Devens also uses her platform to support and raise awareness for The Phoenix – a safe and active sober community for those seeking recovery from addiction. To become a member, all that is required is 48 hours of continued sobriety. Fans interested in supporting the cause can donate HERE.

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