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Published on October 18th, 2021 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


Who Is First Class Rossy

Brandon Ross aka “Rossy” aka “First Class” is a native of the famous city known for their music, food and festivals; New Orleans. At the age of 13 he began working on his craft of writing, rapping and producing music. By the age of 16 he was definitely a prodigy by all rights. Rossy had developed into a fluid producer of Protools and an amazing lyricist.

His love of music was apparent along with his love football. Being dynamic on and off the field, achieving the ultimate dream with a full scholarship offer, life decides to take a change and Brandon Ross Jr, was born. This inspired Rossy to take his music career to a different level. Being an entrepreneur, he opened his own company “GHM”. He then later partnered with his best friend Donovan “Landlord” Bailey with TRP Ent. and started Mophead Mafia. The duo began making moves and gaining popularity. This came to an abrupt halt when they were ambushed while dropping some friends off. Landlord was shot and died on the way to hospital as Rossy attempted to perform CPR. This sent Rossy’s world crashing down on him. Working through life’s unexpected tragedies he had to restructure his entire operation. The motivation caused by losing his best friend and business partner catapulted him to new heights.

Today Rossy has become one of if not the hottest up and coming artists to hit the market. He runs one of the top recording studios in New Orleans, First Class Studios. He also engineers for a large portion of the New Orleans hip hop market. He has quickly made a name for himself beyond a doubt.

If you could explain who you are now as an artist, what’s different from 6 months ago?

Well, let me put it like this, I’m in my prime and this is my contract year. I need that max deal like KD in Brooklyn. Six Months ago, the season was just starting. Game 1 I was just finalizing my roster and getting the starting lineup in order and coming up with the game plan. Now 6 months later it’s Playoff ball mentality. All I see is Championship for my squad and MVP for myself. It’s a ring or bust at this point and I’m carrying my team and the whole city of New Orleans on my back.

Tell me about your current project?

I’m a studio junky. I love to record and create music. I had 10 complete albums recorded when the corona pandemic started, but none of them felt right for the times. So Rossy being Rossy, I decided to cook up a whole new project with the current vibes of what we’re going thru as a nation as well as what I was dealing with in my personal life and that’s how “Emergency Landing” was born. This is first class, the front of the plane. Life was getting a little too hectic so we had to take an emergency landing to regroup. We had to kick some people off, add some people on, get more backy’s you know those kind of things… lol, then take right back off into the sky. This album was produced mostly by me with a track from my life long producer Cletus Kasady and a track from my videographer Best High Tv who is a jack of all trades. Everything was recorded mixed and mastered by myself. I did half of the album at my place First Class Studios in New Orleans and the rest at Patchwerk Studios, 11th St Studios, and Loud House Studios in Atlanta. I did all the final mixing and mastering myself in Patchwerk’s famous A Room that I paid for myself. Im not your average artist. The people close to me say I’m not from this planet I’m an alien…lol. I am literally the artist, producer, engineer, CEO, and investor. A real 1 man army at the least.

Do you have any tours or shows coming up?

I’m setting up tour dates for the “Emergency Landing” album as the country slowly but surely opens back up. We have a strip club tour we’re setting up as well. I’m on the gas full throttle no brakes. You can definitely look forward to seeing me in an area near you. If your city isn’t on my schedule, blow up your local show promoters and tell them to book First Class Rossy 911.

Do you have a video out yet? 

The album ‘Emergency Landing’ released August 12th. We’ve shot 10 videos for this album so far, including the exclusive song #FYF ft Young Greatness that will be featured on the release of the project. I also shot a documentary while my team and I were finishing the album in Atlanta. In 7 days, I did 54 hours in Atlanta’s two studios and 7 music videos. I must mention that I went in every session with nothin prepared at all. I made the beats right on the spot on my laptop, uploaded them on protools and went straight in from scratch. It was regular to me, I’ve been doing this my whole life. The reactions I got from all these studios where the major labels send their artist really opened my eyes to see that artist like me, that do what I do, are rare as shooting star. What I do is amazing to the point it had to be documented. I cant wait to share that footage with my fans.

What will you bring to the music and entertainment industry that you feel is unique?

When you listen to Rossy it just hits different. I have a sound of my own but it still sounds industry. Growing up in New Orleans of course Lil Wayne was a big influence. I always say I got the game from Weezy. At the same time my favorite rapper growing up was Jeezy. From 101 to The Recession to 103, all the mixtapes, Young was the preacher of the streets. Then after Tunechi stamped Drake he moved up to my 3 spot. So, what does that leaves you is the

GOAT OF Wayne with the trap of Jeezy, some Drake melodies and wordplay sprinkled on top. Add creative music at a pace that will provide a flood of First Class Rossy for years and years to come.

What was the biggest obstacle in getting to your current career phase?

I love where I’m from but it is also my biggest obstacle. First of all we don’t have any industry here. No major labels located in my area which leads to an extremely challenging situation trying to get the music to the people. Our radio personalities don’t break the artists from here, ever. I had a single with Kevin Gates, a platinum artist, a few years back and to get it played on our local station Q93 I had to go through a plug in Mobile, Alabama and I’ve been here my entire life. I’m still dumbfounded at that. I wish we had better outlets and platforms to market ourselves. That’s what I’m working so hard for. I’m trying to find a way out not just for me and my team but all the other hot artists in my city that need to be heard.

What do you want people to get from your music?

I want people to get just what they need. You feeling betrayed, Rossy got you. You might be on hard times and feel alone, Rossy got you. You koolin with bae, Rossy got you. Your bills paid bank account full, Rossy got you. You made it from nuthin on your own like Rossy, Rossy got you lol. So you ask what I want people to get from my music, exactly what they need.

What do you feel has been your greatest life achievement so far?

As I look back at it, I’ve achieved more than i thought I would by now. I don’t know where to start. Ok I retired from the streets, opened a studio and went completely legit. That feels so good to live off what you love legally. I have 2 college degree, in Business Administration and Music Business, educated gangsta. I run the mob like it’s a Fortune 500 company. I own and operate one of, if not the most popular studios in New Orleans, The Mansion by First Class Studios. I’ve got to work many artist I came up listening to. The biggest being Juvenile who is one of the realest ones I’ve met. He actually asked me to get on a song and paid me $100 for the verse. Coming from Juve the Great, that $100 felt like $10,000. His first words to me was “Your lyrics are next level. I don’t understand why you still here.” We did like 7 to 8 more collaborations, and that let me know I had something on my hands.

I’ve also got to work with Kidd Kidd, Kevin Gates, and I was Young Greatness’s New Orleans engineer before he passed. I miss working with Greatness. He was a different caliber artist than the average and didn’t get the respect he deserved being the only platinum artist from the city since Cashmoney moved to Miami. I’m currently working with YMCMB Flow from Young Money who is currently in Angola State Pen. I mix and mastered all his music from jail. We just dropped a joint mixtape called “The Wolf and The Goat” which is live on @mymixtapez. YMCMB will home soon and I don’t think fans will be ready for what we have in store. I record all the hottest artist from New Orleans such as P Town Moe, WeedJunky, Willhebe, Tony Michael, T10, Lil Flame, Maxx Painn, and Kutta Gang J Black to name a few. If their from New Orleans and on the rise, 9 times out of 10 they “Fly First Class.”

If you could collaborate with one artist, living or dead, who would it be and why?

Man that is tough for me but if it were a singer I would have to say Bruno Mars. It’s the vibe for me. I’ve wanted to do a song with him since Lil Wayne and his banger “Mirror on the Wall” which is one of my favorite songs ever. And of course if I had to pick a rapper it would Tunechi, no questions asked lol.

If you had to pick one song of yours, that really explains YOU, what would it be?

The first song on my album. It’s called #FreeCMurder. This song is really a direct line into my life and my state of mind. I’ve been through it all. My brother and business partner who I started the Mophead Mafia with died in my arms after 5 shooters shot up our ride. I’ve had people I would have given my life for cross me in worst of ways. #FreeCMurder was like a venting moment for me. I have to watch how I move and be prepared for the worst of hate there is. With success comes a lot of envy and hate. I just pored my heart out on that joint.

What’s on your bucket list to accomplish as an entertainer?

I’m not stopping until I make myself and everyone that is a part of my operation millionaires. A boss doesn’t just call the shots. A boss makes sure everybody eats. We share the wins and take the L’s alone. Making M’s for myself isn’t good enough. I won’t be satisfied until it’s millionaires around the board.

What’s on your horizon for 2022?

2022 I’m turning the pressure up to the max. I’ve been patiently waiting for my time and I’m here to say my time is now. Right now!!

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