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Published on February 5th, 2022 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Dawkins & Dawkins: The Fire Remains to Make Great Music

Dawkins & Dawkins is a gospel music and Christian R&B duo from Davenport, Iowa, currently signed to Legacy Music Group. The group consists of two brothers, Anson Dawkins and Eric Dawkins. The first album, Dawkins & Dawkins, was released in 1993 by the iconic A&M Records and the pair are still at it successfully, currently charting at #6 on the Billboard Gospel Airplay Chart with their single Come By Here.

Alongside releasing their own music in the spiritual lane, this powerhouse team has also written songs for some of the hottest names in the secular world like Tyrese, Omarion, and Tank to name the shortlist. After about a decade hiatus from music, in 2021 Anson and Eric decided it was time to return and bring their special brand and sound back to the forefront which they did easily with their Never Gets Old series, three different and impactful offerings, one of which was a holiday treat with standout cuts like This Gift and Little Things. The single Wonderland from the Never Gets Old Holiday project is currently at #12 and touted as the top song by a gospel artist on the Holiday Radio Chart. I’ve laid them out for you below as these projects are not to be missed.

In an earlier interview with YouKnowIGotSoul.com the brothers had this to say about their music and sound:

Anson Dawkins: We’ve always had a progressive feel for our music. It’s not actually more of a modern push for us because even when “Need To Know” came out, we’ve always been progressive. It’s always been thought that maybe we’re toying with the R&B stuff, but it’s just the fact that this is what we love. This is how we flow, but we’re definitely staying in our lane. We’re definitely not doing R&B. A lot of the music that we have on the project will be promoted in the R&B lane so that more people be able to hear it, but our focus is always going to be God centered songs that point into the direction of faith. We’re not doing R&B, but we call it Rhythm and Praise. We want people to know that it’s real and we’ll put it on a sweet track.

Eric Dawkins: I don’t mind people calling us R&B because sonically, that’s what you think. R&B is really just a genre. It’s not a message, so if somebody calls us R&B then okay! As long as you listen to it. *Laughs* It kind of works in our favor.

With their return in 2021 and current charting position on Billboard Gospel Airplay, Dawkins & Dawkins have proven that when you make “forever music” there will always be a special place for you in the hearts of your fans AND the industry at large. They are part of a legendary group of artists like Prince, MJ, LL, Missy, Ms. Hill, and Busta who took breaks from the industry only to return to much fanfare and adulation. Artists that pour their heart and soul into their craft and deliver cuts that meet their fans where they are, leave an indeliable mark on those who come in contact with them and Dawkins & Dawkins fit that mold.

Connect with Dawkins & Dawkins

Website: http://www.dawkinsanddawkinsmusic.com

Instagram: @realdawkinsanddawkins

Twitter: @dndmusic @adawk @edawkins

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