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Published on April 18th, 2022 | by Kalisha Perera


Jackboy Marley Has Been Recognized by Icon Busta Rhymes and Shared the Stage With the Legendary Julez Santana 

Inspired by Bob Marley’s message of love and peace, Jackboy Marley is within the new wave of talented upcoming artists. Born in Fort Worth, Texas, Jackboy Marley hopes to be a legendary, trendsetting artist who makes music that “feeds the soul and liberates the mind.” The area he grew up in has garnered the nickname “Murda Worth” and he wants to use his music to talk about things going on in the streets, social and political issues, and spirituality. When asked about his musical influences he said, “I have a wide variety of musical influences, and I like to creatively incorporate them into my music. I never want to be boxed in as a traditional rap artist when there is so much I want to explore.” Jackboy Marley started taking music seriously when he was in his early 20’s, he said “I started doing music when I was 20 and took it seriously at 22 as a member of a group named ‘New Era Jackboys’. I went solo at 26 and have been going since…further exploring, honing and developing my craft.” He has a daughter, and he wants her to know that in this world of infinite probabilities, nothing is impossible.

Jackboy Marley believes that music is an outlet in order for one to express themselves. His song “What” off of his first ‘Jackal’ EP got recognition from rap icon, Busta Rhymes who came across his music and personally reached out to his team and express that he was feeling his music and even went as far to share his music via his story on his page. He has also go the chance to performance was with Juelz Santana. This opportunity came about from an artist on his label Potent Music. Jackboy says that the opportunity was a great learning experience and a stepping stone for his career. He says that if anything has given him the fuel to keep pushing and the confidence that he he and his team are doing what they set out to that it is the moments like touching big stages and the recognition of music icons like Busta Rhymes.

Keep an eye out for his second EP ‘Jackal Pt. 2: The Ouroboro Effect’ which is dropping on April 29th on all streaming platforms which features his latest singles, “Let Us Prey” and “How I’m Movin.” Also, make sure to follow him on social media @jackboymarley

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