Published on June 20th, 2022 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Cory Sccott is Coming Up in 2022

Cory Sccott is a natural-born artist who is based in Kenosha, WI. He began his journey when he was a kid singing in his church and at talent competitions. Cory Sccott wanted to be an advocate for people who aren’t sufficient to stand up for themselves. It began in his early years, with his physical assistance to anyone he could. He understood that words could be powerful and how they were used affected the date of those he helped. Cory Sccott learned he could influence and motivate others with poetry, which later transformed into music. In the fourth grade, Cory realized his real goal was to be a musician when he received an individual spot in the choir. After that performance, he decided that regardless of what, he’d never quit singing and would be sure to make singing his profession.

While listening to his music, Cory Sccott wants his fans to gain a glimpse into his personal life. Cory Sccott wants his listeners to understand that he’s an honest Christian man who isn’t more than perfect. He shares how he suffers through tough times and makes choices that impact him negatively, just like all of us. He wanted to make music that would change people’s perception of Christianity in the same way that it changed his own. Cory Sccott is working hard on several projects and will be eager to bring them out to his followers. The new songs reflect his experiences, the hardships, and how he overcame those difficult times. It is a way to provide a therapeutic experience for anyone going through similar experiences, and he hopes to assist people in need the most. 

Cory Sccott can be found on Instagram, and listen to his songs via Spotify.


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