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Landon B. Brown: Family Ties

First things first, a huge congrats on A&E’s ratings juggernaut Biography: Bobby Brown & Every Little Step series!  That said, what was it like for you being involved in or a part of both of these TV programs?      

Fun at times. Other times, extremely invasive. Though the time I got to spend with my family was priceless.

Even after BET’s The New Edition Story & The Bobby Brown Story, not to mention the Being Bobby Brown reality show, I personally felt that Biography: Bobby Brown & Every Little Step have really captured the true essence of who your father really is — Do you agree with that?


In having said that, do you feel that your dad has been misrepresented or slighted as far as his portrayal in the media?  

My father is a very reserved and generous person. However, I understand that the media will take some stories to the extreme for the sake of their own progress.

What has been the biggest misconception about Mr. Bobby Brown?

Who he is in general! What you’re witnessing in this TV program is who he is on a regular basis.

What was it even like growing up as the oldest son / child of Robert Barisford Brown?

Most likely similar to what anyone else has been through when they have a popular relative. Though to an extreme degree considering “popular” is a major understatement. (let me know if you need a bit more detail 😉 )

What are some of your fondest most memorable times being around him and the late, great Whitney Elizabeth Houston?  

The wedding, my first cruise, living with them in NJ, seeing them make up after a disagreement. Putting fond memories about someone deceased into short words doesn’t sit well with me. This is more of an in person conversation.

Tragedy is also something explored in the show, and unfortunately not new to the Brown family; specifically with the untimely passing(s) of Nippy, Krissy & Bobby Jr. — How has the family managed to cope through these tragic losses?  

I still have grief I’m working through…that is probably what my family is feeling as well.

What do you want people to remember most about Whitney, Bobbi Kristina and Lil Bobby? And, what should their respective legacies be?

My apologies, but I can’t sum this up.

On a less somber note, let’s talk about you, Landon…  

Tell me a little bit about your upbringing — When did music first enter into Landon’s world?

I was on world tours from my first memories, and have loved music just as long.

Because of who your father is, was it only inevitable that you, too, would have similar career aspirations?  

I think any child that picks up a passion from their parents’ passion would end up with similar goals to them. Though I am passionate about music, its hidden purpose is being my medium to connect with others and vent my feelings.

Growing up, and aside from your pops, who all were your biggest influences?    

My mother, stepfather, grandmothers from both my bio parents, Uncle Kenny, cousins on my dad’s side, Whitney and my cousin, Gary, on Whitney’s side. If you were referring to musical influences, Stevie Wonder, Craig David, El DeBarge, Tupac, BIG, Slick Rick, Canibus and DMX. I’d be lying if I didn’t add that the biggest contributors to my growth are my wife, Nirja, and my true friends that didn’t create a relationship with me just for the sake of who my father is.

Father, fitness enthusiast, aspiring recording artist — Who exactly is Landon Brown?  

Landon Brown is a person focused on growth, family, and love. I’ve made MANY mistakes, and haven’t been what I perceive a man should be in the past. But that is what growth is about, taking your failures and turning them into lessons learned.

Aside from music, is there anything additional that you’d also like to branch out and pursue?    

I read a lot about astro-physics and plan to pursue more knowledge in that field. Though my true pursuit is building a future for my children, and making amazing memories with them.

Are you happy with the current state of R&B?  

I read and hear a lot of negativity about the state of music these days, but in my opinion we are a product of our environment and our times. Music will always be beautiful and a blessing. No matter the content or direction, music is a reflection of that person and their feelings.

Lastly, what’s next for you, Landon?  

I’ll keep releasing music and making relationships, because to me THAT is fun.

Is there anything I left out or just plain forgot to mention?  

My IG is: @LA_Inspire

Any parting words for our readers?  

Dance like nobody’s watching, love like you’ll never see them again and live like your dreams will beat your ass if they see you slacking!

Thank you for your time, Landon B. Brown

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