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Published on September 4th, 2023 | by Charles Myambo


James Worthy & Big Gipp’s “Out Of Control” Music Video Drop! Plus James Worthy’s INTERVIEW

James Worthy is back at it again! The globally acclaimed star is on the verge of dropping the music video for yet another masterpiece titled “Out Of Control” which is from the “Gipp N WorthyEP. In the “Out Of Control” hit single, James is immersed in a deep frenzy of romantic emotions where he describes how this “special woman” is driving his mind “Out Of Control“.


Multi-Platinum & Grammy Award Producer & Artist – “James Worthy”


Most listeners so far have found “Out Of Control” to be deeply relatable and captivating which has only further ignited the buzz surrounding the song! Given James’ exceptional musical repertoire and Multi-Platinum accolades, you’d think that his music can’t possibly get better and yet it still does! The “Out Of Control” video seems set to even eclipse other megahits that James has released in the past! This track is definitely worth listening to! It’s available on all platforms and the music video will premiere on the 8th of September.


The Hype Magazine’s Life & Style correspondent, Charles Myambo (CM) had an interview with James Worthy (JW). Below are some excerpts from the interview. 


“Out Of Control” Duo – James Worthy & Big Gipp


CM: You’ve done it again! There is a lot of buzz surrounding your latest release. Tell us more about the creative process and message behind “Out Of Control”? 

Yes “Out Of Control” is the 2nd single from Myself & Big Gipp off our EP Gipp N Worthy. It details a short story of me feeling like the woman I’m describing is making me feel things I usually don’t, which gives me the feeling of my mind going out of control.


CM: As you already know, the music industry is extremely competitive but somehow your music continues to stand out. What is it about you that makes fans and listeners continue to be drawn to your music? 

JW: Well there’s a couple of factors, but for me I think it’s because I don’t chase anything. I’m always creating what feels good to me, and making sure my audience connects with it. The last piece to the puzzle is always having a great promotion, and marketing team behind you as well. I’m blessed to have all components.


CM: Not many many people can say they’ve collaborated with legends like Whitney Houston, Dr. Dre, Future and Justin Bieber. Why do you think that such legends enjoy working with you? 

JW: I’ve had those opportunities because I came to the table with something new that they didn’t have which makes you stand out in those rooms. Also being confident in your craft, but understanding how to craft great music instead of popular music all of the time. 


CM: You’re not just an artist! Your reputation in business precedes you. How do you maintain a balance between being a successful entrepreneur and being an artist? 

JW: I look at it all as creativity, you really can’t have one without the other. So if I’m working on something I’m going to pull from something else to bring the project to life. In this business of entertainment you have to understand all of the components if you want to successfully last in it.


CM: James, you have the last word. What can our readers and followers expect from you between now and the turn of the year?

JW: You can expect new music visuals, new collaborations, new tv show appearances, and Gipp N Worthy Vol. 2.


James Worthy & Big Gipp






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