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Meet Nuface

Detriot native/Atlanta representative Nuface is no stranger to the Hip-Hop world. Some refer to him as the Hip-Hop Hoarder, some know him as the Hip-Hop historian. After moving to Atlanta in the mid-90s, Nuface has been acknowledged by Elliott Wilson, Nore, Wayno, and most of your favorite Hip-Hop artists as a true treasure in the Hip-Hop community.

Hype: Where are you from and when did you first fall in love with hip-hop? 

NF: Born and raised in Detroit, Mich., Westside Atlanta raised on 7th Mile in Harmon Garden projects. I first fell in love with hip-hop and went on a trip with my Father, first to the mall. He bought me an Adidas suit Me, him and my cousin.

Hype: Where do you feel like music was back then compared to now in preserving these traditions? 

NF: Back then there weren’t a lot of people saying they were doing this for money back then. It was pure love. It was no guarantee that you were about to get rich.

Hype: As far as hip-hop, how did it help you in your journey?

NF: Two things come to mind being off of 7th mile, we stayed across the street from a shop called “The Hip-Hop Shop” owned by Maurice Malone.

Hype: What’s the best advice you give about building on a brand and making it a living? 

NF: Have exclusive content, something that nobody else can do. That’s where my relationships come in. There’s a video I posted being at Rick Ross house and hearing him talk about how he appreciates what I do for the culture. That type of stuff is priceless to me because that’s what I do it for. I don’t do it to be recognized. I do it for the love of these artists that raised me. As long as you have exclusive content like people’s first concert in Atlanta, or their first show, or meet and greet. Being in these moments that people weren’t at to share it with these people. That’s what Instagram and Youtube do.                         It gives you a bigger and wider audience. Be exclusive and have something that nobody else can have.

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