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Published on September 30th, 2022 | by Crystal Willis


Black Lives Matter is Suing Alleged Scammer in Their Midst

The global Black Lives Matter social justice organization recently filed a lawsuit demanding a jury trial and damages against the Global Network Foundation, Bowers Consulting, and Shalomyah Bowers for fraud, misrepresentation, breach of contract, unjust enrichment, and unfair business practices. In court documents obtained by The Hype Magazine Network, BLM alleges that Shalomyah Bowers (not his real name) redirected millions of dollars in donations meant for the social justice work of BLM into his own foundation and locked BLM members out of their social media accounts in the middle of the night while they were busy protesting. This occurred after the establishment of Black Lives Matter Grassroots, a branch of BLM created to support community work.


According to a statement from the original BLM organization, “Shalomyah Bowers was never on the front lines at any protests including Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown in Ferguson, Eric Garner, George Floyd or Breonna Taylor. He showed up only when there was money. Once he got in position, he fired BLM members around him and began using the BLM donor’s money for himself, made the BLM bank account his own, and started pulling funds out like an ATM machine. Then one night while BLM staffers were protesting in Buffalo and Akron, he changed the passwords to all the social media accounts to lock them out from having access. This access has still not been restored. On top of all of this, Bowers has been running multiple online pyramid schemes.”

In new developments, Attorney Walter Mosley representing BLM received a DM from one of Bowers’ former high school classmates who told them that Bowers has been a known scammer since high school. The classmate even sent them a copy of his yearbook photo with the sinister quote, “If you can’t beat um, cheat um.” (See photo below). The yearbook photo revealed his actual government name, Christman Bowers, a long verbal distance from Shalomyah Bowers, which explains how he has been able to stay off the grid when BLM members tried to hold him accountable for his scams. Bowers has dragged BLM into scandal and investigation but is now stating that it’s BLM who is creating the scandal and blames them for giving right-wing pundits fodder for their hate of BLM. 

Fortunately, the damage done by Bowers has not stopped the vital justice work of Black Lives Matter Grassroots. Just last Thursday they achieved a huge victory when a 10 person jury ruled in favor of the family of 14-year-old Andrew Joseph III. The family was awarded $15 million in the wrongful death case of the boy who was killed after being detained unfairly by police.  The victory in this sad case is now adding weight to calls for an end to qualified immunity, the protection that has allowed so many police officers to abuse their power and get away with it.

“Andrew Joseph III should be with us today,” said Melina Abdullah, Director of Black Lives Matter Grassroots. “The only reason he isn’t alive today is that cops detained him in violation of his civil rights, setting off a chain of events that led to his death. It is unacceptable that cops can escape responsibility for misconduct and violating our rights. It is beyond time we end qualified immunity and stop allowing cops to use their badge as a shield from accountability.”



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