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Meditative Animal – Alternative Phenomenon Review

Meditative Animal has been building up a fairly solid reputation in the indie music world, praised a lot for their innovative sound and fascinating songwriting. Nick Mirisola’s insightful, subtle and powerful lyrics are poignant, paired with a soothing, calm sound that’s unique to the band. We’ve been awaiting their new release, and now that it’s coming soon, we were able to get a preview of it.

The new project is titled “Alternative Phenomenon,” with 13-tracks making up the song’s playtime. Produced by the talented people at Moonlit Creative Works, it serves as a reflective project, chronicling the artist’s many experiences in life. It’s a deeply personal project, and it’s probably the album that best represents what Nick stands for.

The five-minute lead track, Never Clip Your Wings (Robyn) highlights some of the album’s best strengths, with clever songwriting being its best aspect. A warm, inviting song, it carries with it a wholesome, soft vibe that you’ll find with a lot of Meditative Animal songs. Of course, there are also plenty of other musical elements at play in the album that comes into focus on other songs.

Round The Block, for example, gives listeners a glimpse into the life of Nick Mirisola as one of the more personal tracks on the album. It’s a summarization of all the things the brains behind the ensemble have experienced, as well as the lessons he learned from it. With more eclectic and interesting sounds, it pairs well with the introspective but also outwardly interesting lyrics.

Another highlight of the album is Fantasy Woman, telling the tale of a fantasy woman living through a world steeped in reality. It juxtaposes the ideas of romanticism and mystery against a background of rough, gritty reality, and it makes for a fascinating song. The range of topics covered by Meditative Animal on “Alternative Phenomenon” is diverse and really puts Nick Mirisola’s writing chops on display.

There are even songs like Prism, which takes a deeper dive into the concept of God. It goes in-depth, showing off various different perspectives from many different cultures, all coming together around the topic. It sends a message but avoids being hamfisted with what it’s trying to get across. There’s art behind the subtlety, and Meditative Animal knows how to best utilize it.

Other tracks from the album include Accidentally, Learn or Burn, Mirage, The Sound, and more. “Alternative Phenomenon” is a great album, a milestone release for Meditative Animal. Among the many albums and singles released these days, this one stands out with its eclectic blend of folk, acoustic, and rock. Definitely gets a big recommendation from us; check it out if you’re looking for something different, new, and introspective.

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