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Published on February 27th, 2023 | by Bryson "Boom" Paul


Shock Has A Special Treat For The Year 2023

In a current interview, Shock talks about his big plans for 2023, like new music and visuals that are being prepped for the future.

Just this past year, 2022, Shock dropped his Manifest Ep, which has now surpassed over half a million streams. His success landed him major press from some very interesting news sources, which makes him even more motivated and excited for the new opportunities at hand.

While continuing to be great, Shock talks about switching producers on some upcoming projects and has confirmed he will be releasing four albums soon. He also expresses how he records each song prematurely by basing it on future plans and goals and confirming how he qualifies for two additional Spotify plaques.

“See, the consistency of reaching new heights is a must.” – Shock

Since Shock is transitioning from a musical icon to a futuristic businessman with a lot of vision, he plans to open a merch store later in life because he believes that products outweigh talent and that having multiple sources of income is a great way to make the Forbes list. Even after revealing his custom beanie hats, Shock has become more prideful of his entrepreneurship skills because he believes being more remarkable than an artist is his passion, and he will continue to process it throughout his journey.

In conclusion, there is a lot to come from Shock. Especially more classic hits that are full of drive and determination. We are sure the fans would love to know at least one of the names for an upcoming project, but unfortunately, Shock doesn’t want to reveal any of that yet. The fans will just have to stay tuned. Besides, this article is all about Shock’s future success in and out of the studio.

So, make sure to pay close attention to his new project ideas and look at how these fresh movements will impact everyone along the way.

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