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Issue #136 – Digital Cover 19 Keys

Published on April 10th, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


19 Keys: Global Thought Leader, Educator and Advocate

In this Live Session interview with 19 KEYS, a global thought leader and host of the hit podcast “High Level Conversations” on the Earn Your Leisure Network, we discussed a range of topics, including his upcoming partnership with tech entrepreneur founders of Cheat Code, the importance of a goal-oriented mindset, building spiritual freedom, and the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in 2023.

Dedicated to the elevation of his community

As one of the leading voices for the advancement of the Black community, 19 KEYS is constantly seeking new ways to create opportunities and drive change. His upcoming partnership with Cheat Code founders in Block World Order (BWO) is a testament to his dedication to innovation and creating solutions that benefit the community. 19 KEYS is leading the charge to lay the foundations of a new era of human evolution with ambition, determination, and a legendary spirit.

During our conversation, 19 KEYS stressed the importance of a goal-oriented mindset for achieving success, regardless of one’s background or circumstances. He emphasized the need for individuals to set clear goals and take consistent action towards achieving them, noting that this approach is essential for anyone looking to make significant progress in their personal and professional lives. Another critical topic we discussed was the relationship between spiritual and financial freedom. 19 KEYS pointed out that building spiritual freedom is a crucial step towards achieving financial freedom, as it allows individuals to break free from limiting beliefs and mental barriers that may be holding them back.

Wrapping Up

Finally, we also delved into the impact of AI in 2023 and what we should be ready for. 19 KEYS shared his insights on the potential benefits and challenges of this technology, stressing the need for individuals and organizations to be proactive in preparing for the changes that will come with increased AI adoption.

Overall, my Live Session with 19 KEYS was lively, full of value, and thought-provoking. His willingness to take on the mantle of expounding on what’s missing in our daily conversations, especially as a Black community in the new dawn of technology, is a testament to his dedication to creating a brighter future for all.

We hope you’ll tune in below and watch out for part two as we bring you however many segments it takes to ensure these gems get where they’re needed.

Coming Up!

19 Keys and Dame Dash

19 Keys and Dame Dash are coming together for an explosive and powerful conversation about the times that we’re in and the solutions to becoming victorious. Insight will be given on business, ethics, marketing, relationship building, scaling, the future of the internet, artificial intelligence, and more.

Tickets available here

Connect with 19 Keys on Instagram @19_keys, Twitter @19keys_ or via his various ventures.


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