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Published on November 16th, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Black Globe International Pageants™ Heads to Glendale, Arizona

Prepare to be enthralled by the resplendent world of Black Globe International Pageants™, where magnificence, elegance, and inspiration converge to craft an unforgettable spectacle. The radiant city of Glendale, Arizona, United States, will host the prestigious Black Globe International™ Crowning of the Nations and Fashion Extravaganza, heralding the arrival of the queens representing multiple countries—a unified force dedicated to empowerment and transformation.

The Black Globe International Pageants™ collectively stand as an embodiment of empowerment and representation, proudly unveiling this year’s remarkable event. Their stated mission about which they remain resolute is to spotlight the brilliance, fortitude, and allure of Black women worldwide. These remarkable individuals are poised not only to grace the pageant stage but also to leave an indelible mark in spheres encompassing health, prosperity, self-growth, entrepreneurship, and beyond.

Distinguished by three distinct divisions, Black Globe International Pageants showcases:

Miss Black Globe International™

A platform honoring young women, ages 18 to 35, exuding charm, intellect, and ambition.

Ms. Black Globe International™

A celebration of mature women, aged 36 and beyond, epitomizing grace, elegance, and allure.

Mrs. Black Globe International™

Recognizing the remarkable married women, esteeming their resilience, strength, and beauty as they excel in both family and career.

The announcement states These extraordinary women transcend mere competition; they are visionary leaders. Each participant embodies a unique narrative, an empowering journey, and an unwavering dedication to empowerment, embodying the essence of Black excellence.

Following the grandeur of the Crowning of the Nations and Fashion Extravaganza in Glendale, Arizona, the newly crowned queens will embark on a transformative journey. They shall inspire, educate, and uplift, as they gear up to compete in the forthcoming country in 2024, vying for the esteemed titles of Miss, Ms., or Mrs. Black Globe International™.

Their inspiring odysseys will unfold within the pages of Black Globe International Magazine and across global media platforms. These queens transcend boundaries, shatter barriers, and redefine beauty norms. They stand as ambassadors of empowerment, illustrating that the union of excellence and beauty births a more splendid world.

Don’t miss the honoring of Black excellence and beauty at its pinnacle during the Black Globe International™ Crowning of the Nations and Fashion Extravaganza in Glendale, Arizona. Witness the ascent of these exceptional queens, destined to inspire generations to come.

For media inquiries, sponsorship opportunities, and tickets, visit their website at BlackGlobePageants.com.

Connect across social media platforms @BlackGlobePageants on FB, YT, IG, and more.

About Black Globe International Pageants:

Black Globe International Pageants is the beacon that illuminates your path to stardom, recognizing that representation, your story, and your triumph matter—YOU Matter. Celebrating the excellence and beauty of Black women worldwide across three distinct divisions – Miss, Ms., and Mrs. – Black Globe International Pageants offers a platform for women to exhibit their intellect, grace, and ambition while catalyzing meaningful change in their communities and beyond. These pageants inspire transformation, challenge stereotypes, and redefine global beauty standards.


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