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Published on April 28th, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Bold Moves, Big Risks, and Massive Wins: The Social Hustle Guarantee

Dalin Bernard is not your typical digital marketer. Instead, he’s an entrepreneur who started hustling at a young age, and now he’s the founder of Social Hustle, a buzzing digital marketing agency that has worked with some of the biggest names in music, fashion, and sports. Social Hustle has helped scale brands partnered with Redbull, Disney, the NFL, and the NBA, while their success in scaling startup e-commerce brands is a testament to their grit and commitment to results. The Social Hustle team is young and ambitious, while the agency’s achievements show their experience and drive. 

Social Hustle is more than a traditional marketing agency. They are a growth focused, numbers driven agency that uses unique ideas and a creative approach to how their clients position themselves in the marketplace.  With so many distinct offerings and refreshingly innovative ideas, they’re changing how marketing is done. The result? In addition to working with some of the world’s most prominent individuals, companies, and brands, Social Hustle has earned numerous awards and recognition, most recently the 2023 Marketing 2.0 Top Organization Award. 

One reason Social Hustle stands out from other marketing agencies is how they’ve marketed themselves. Their brand is cool and street-inspired. They are a set of fresh eyes in an industry as old as time, adding the excitement that has been lacking. Bernard explains: “It starts with our team. We literally hand selected the team that we feel emulates our vaules and purpose. They are hard working, trustworthy and overall dope individuals that just want to be part of growth and good vibes. It’s fun to work with Social Hustle and it’s fun to work at Social Hustle.”

Another key to Social Hustle’s success is their ability to take big risks and make bold moves. They’ve even earned recognition for their success in scaling e-commerce brands. Bernard believes in putting his clients first, insisting that “if our clients aren’t winning, we won’t win. We always have to make our decisions with their money as the top priority. Trust and big risks deliver growth.”

Bernard and his team have faced challenges in their industry, but they’ve evolved to find their true mission. “We founded Social Hustle in 2015 with a mission to get rich and work with our definition of the coolest brands in the world,” says Bernard. “I’ve always been an entrepreneur—I was downloading and selling bootleg music in middle school. Every hustle in the book, I’ve tried it. But, honestly, what changed for me was falling in love with helping others achieve their dreams. With Social Hustle, we get to help individuals and teams build businesses and projects that mean the most to them. There is no better feeling than stacking wins with an amazing squad”

Looking to the future, Bernard plans to expand his personal brand and share his knowledge and experience with other entrepreneurs. “Within the next three years, I plan on expanding my personal brand to share more of the ins and outs of running a business and how entrepreneurs can use different channels to build and scale businesses,” he says. 

Social Hustle is a digital marketing agency that embodies hard work, determination, and the willingness to take risks. Their story is motivational and can inspire anyone who reads it to invest in their dreams and business. With their trend-setting brand and innovative ideas, they’re changing how marketing is done. Social Hustle isn’t just any digital marketing agency—it’s a team of young, experienced, and passionate professionals who will do whatever it takes to deliver for their clients. 


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