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Published on May 26th, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Doe Boy Philly: The Rap We Like

I heard the whispers in the wind talking about a lyrical dynamo coming out of Philly. I told the whispers they weren’t saying anything clever because that city has bred some of the finest to do it and get to the point! They said three words, Doe Boy PhillyI said to myself “Self, let’s see what’s up”, so I began to wade through social media, and all its musical detritus, smoke, and overcrowding, and got a bar of an MC that I soon discovered shouldn’t be “whispered” about…

Have you ever had that story that just took too long to be told and the teller won’t get to the point?! Yeah well, this won’t be one of those…you’re going to find out about Doe Boy Philly, right now.

Doe Boy Philly

Doe Boy Philly

I found what I needed to make up my mind to profile Doe Boy after checking a clip from the @highofflife Instagram in which Doe Boy dropped pure lyrical missiles with his 10 Rap Commandments freestyle shot at @LIVEHIPHOPDAILY in Atlanta, GA.

The team at High Off Life declared, “Southwest Philly’s own DOE BOY PHILLY doubled back to drop one of the Hardest Freestyles of the YEAR on #HighOffLife Freestyle 133!” What do YOU think?!

That sparked some excitement and inspired me to lean forward and learn more about this kid. I said wasn’t going to get long-winded so I’ll just say Doe Boy more than holds up his end of the bargain in repping Philly in his name. Clever, witty, and cohesive barz flow effortlessly off the dome and his available streaming catalog is just as dope of an experience for me. I feel this cat contributes to the fabric of the culture and we’ll be talking about him for quite some time…stay tuned!

The Business on Doe Boy Philly from the inside looking out

Throughout hip hop’s history, there’s always been a big man in the picture. From Heavy D and Biz Markie, to Biggie and Big Pun, to Rick Ross, the big man has been a mainstay and frankly, a staple in the hip hop timeline since the beginning. After Ross, there really hasn’t been another big guy who has solidified himself as the next heavyweight to carry the flag and push the culture in a new direction. Too many characters, too many gimmicks, and not enough realness and talent. There is a void to be filled. Enter: Doe Boy Philly.

Doe Boy Philly

Hailing from Southwest Philadelphia, Doe Boy Philly stands a chance to be the next heavyweight champion of hip hop. With lyrics galore, charm, wit and a zest for story-telling, Doe Boy Philly has been meticulously building his brand and perfecting his craft for some time now. He is primed to take advantage of the opportunities that are now materializing for him. Highly respected and admired for his conversational style, it always feels as if Doe Boy speaks to you directly. His ability to navigate weighty topics with gravitas and to find light in situations like an eternal optimist draws everyone in. He’s likely your favorite rapper’s favorite artist.

Beyond being an artist, Doe Boy Philly is also a producer for himself and others. He’s part owner of the record label Business As Usual Entertainment, LLC and creator/owner of the brand “The Rap We Like”. His latest musical effort, “2 Much Dope” (a collaboration with fellow big man, Mobile, Alabama’s Big Brown) has garnered high praise from listeners and industry insiders alike.

When discussions arise about the next “one”, his name keeps coming up in conversation.

Viral videos? Check.

Dope music? Check.

Big man that everybody loves and respects? Check.

Who’s the next great that checks all the boxes?

Enter: Doe Boy Philly


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